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Hail Damage Roofing Leads Gone Wild

Most roofing contractors covet high-quality leads for their business. For those who’ve been in the industry for a long time, they know that hail storms often spark an increase in estimate and inspection requests. But those calls typically go to only a few roofers within the damaged community. So how do you become one of those roofers? One of Roofing Webmasters’ top clients recently reaped the rewards of a storm in their primary service area. 

Lead Sources for our Client

As you can see from this breakdown, organic searches are the top lead source. But a highly diverse set of leads came in through various channels. It’s important to realize that even on non-organic clicks, the user still found the phone number on the website or Google My Business page. That’s where reviews, reputation management, and brand optimization become critical. This contractor was already well-known in their community and had plenty of social proof to confirm their standing.

Google Maps 3-Pack Clicks15%
Organic Search Clicks10%
Real Estate Agent Referrals10%
Insurance Agent Referrals10%
Facebook Advertising10%
Nextdoor Advertising10%
Yard Signs10%
Trucks & Neighbors10%
Church Members7%
Pay Per Click Advertising3%

Level 2 Branding

Organic search is hands-down the best return on investment for roofers. Organic refers to both traditional organic search results and the local 3-pack. However, the second-best ROI is something called Level 2 Branding. It may not work as quickly as PPC, but it provides a far better long-term return. Our client received several hundred hail damage leads in large part due to Level 2 Branding.

What is Level 2 Branding?

Level 2 Branding is a compilation of high-return marketing efforts, including referral partnerships, pixel tracking, and selective online advertising.

The Long-Term Impact of Level 2 Branding

Level 2 Branding has impressive long-term benefits over time. It may take a hail storm to reveal the real impact of its reach, but even without storms, it outperforms PPC advertising. 

Why PPC is Overrated

This roofing client shows that PPC is highly overrated for lead generation. This customer cleaned up on hail damage leads, and only a small percentage came from PPC. With years of data to support our claim, SEO and Level 2 Branding dominate PPC across the board. It helps if you have yard signs, truck wraps, and a community presence in churches and other local intuitions. PPC can never make up for branding in the world of lead generation.

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