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Got My Mind on Roofer Marketing (Podcast Episode)

The roofing marketing industry is growing in 2022. Still, many roofing companies fail to implement marketing into their business model properly. Nolen Walker, the founder of Roofing Webmasters, learned the hard way that marketing can make or break a home service business.

Nolen once owned a Home Security business and found that his company only found success after investing in marketing. However, the marketers he utilized ended up screwing him with horrific SEO strategies. This disturbing occurrence prompted Nolen to start his own SEO agency.

In today’s Roofing SEO Podcast episode, Nolen and Jason discuss why they have their mind on roofing marketing and roofing marketing on their mind. 

Do Roofing Companies Need Marketing?

Marketing is the single most crucial aspect of your roofing business. As insane as it sounds, marketing is even more critical than competence. A lousy roofer with good marketing will get more business than a good roofer with awful marketing. Unfortunately, that’s the world we live in.

Common Marketing Mistakes for Roofers in 2022

Even as roofers begin to understand the concept of marketing, many fail to implement it into their business model properly. Below, we’ll outline several examples of roofing marketing mistakes that can lead to your company’s demise in 2022.

Choosing Software over Marketing

Software is a recent trend in the roofing industry, and many roofers are eagerly investing significant resources into clerical software for estimates and other functional tasks. Although this software is generally outstanding and necessary to running a roofing business, they heavily rely on marketing. Without marketing, the software doesn’t do anything.

Why do you ask? If you never get leads, there’s nothing to enter into your system, computer, etc. There are no estimates to perform on prospects you have not yet acquired. Without marketing, the software can’t perform its intended functions. Marketing is the key to all this software.

Delegating Important Marketing Decisions

Another mistake roofing business owners make is delegating marketing decisions to inexperienced staff members. Some roofers have an in-house marketing team that might call a web designer or an SEO strategist. Unfortunately, these people often lack the authority to make decisive marketing decisions.

Here’s the bottom line, the business owner should be personally invested in marketing. Delegating essential decisions about business promotion to an intern is a recipe for disaster. The smartest roofing companies have fully invested owners in marketing decisions and choose the best agency for roofers.

Failing to Participate in Your Marketing Success

As you heard on one of our recent podcast episodes discussing the best SEO clients, the reality for roofing contractors is that participating in your success is critical. You’ll fail if you call your marketing agency to criticize them and their families without investing your insights.

For example, are you taking photos of your staff that you can send to your marketing agency to publish on your website? Are you invested in performing pins using the DataPins software? If you are unwilling to commit to these self-fulfilling tasks, you probably won’t succeed in marketing. That’s the harsh truth, but one that roofers must-hear.

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