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The Best Roofer SEO Clients (What They Do!) (Podcast Episode)

Roofing companies that succeed with search engine optimization share qualities that make them good SEO clients. Although no two clients are the same, behaviors that lead to success are shared. When the relationship between the roofer and the marketing agency is mutually respectable, the best results occur.

On today’s roofing SEO podcast, Nolen and Jason discuss the best roofing SEO clients.

Direct Participation in Marketing

The best SEO clients choose the marketing agency themselves rather than delegating it to another person, like a marketing manager. Often, a marketing manager doesn’t know much about marketing, but the owner delegates the marketing tasks to save time for their business.

The roofers that succeed online take ownership of their marketing endeavors by choosing their agency. Don’t delegate marketing decisions to a so-called marketing manager and instead work with experts in the field. The success in the short-term and long-term will quell any time investment.

Respect for Expertise

The most successful clients trust that the marketing agency is an expert in marketing and knows more about SEO than they do. While input about marketing-related tasks is expected and encouraged, a false belief that you know more than the expert is counter-productive. 

Roofing owners that respect marketing expertise work with marketers rather than giving them orders. Remember, you should only hire a marketing agency if you believe they will deliver results. But after hiring them, you have to trust that their process works based on their expertise.

Brand Building and Development

The top SEO clients see their roofing company as a brand and continually invest in brand building and development. SEO and branding are related, so the more you brand your company, the higher you rank on Google. SEO can take your brand to the next level and capitalize on its branding.

In contrast, roofers that ignore their brand and expect SEO to produce magical results will ultimately fail in their marketing endeavors. The problem with these clients is that it doesn’t matter which marketing agency or techniques they implement because they ignore their brand.

Future and Long-Term Oriented

The most successful clients view their marketing investment as a long-term proposition rather than a short-term manipulation. Although most roofers see short-term SEO results, treating organic traffic like PPC defeats its primary function. SEO is a long-term play and must be treated as such.

Roofers who treat Google like the gig economy will never produce the best possible results. In contrast, roofing companies that understand the value of long-term rankings on Google Search and Google Maps will dominate for years and decades. So it really comes down to a mentality.

The Bottom Line for Roofing Company SEO Clients

The attributes listed above are not criteria for SEO clients but qualities that often lead to successful campaigns. It’s not about pleasing your SEO agency since the burden remains on them to deliver results. However, if you truly want results in 2022, you should consider these factors.

Roofing Webmasters’ clients almost always meet these standards, which is why we are considered the top SEO agency for roofing companies. We are honored to work with great roofers who are invested in their brand and company. Check out our SEO services to learn more and sign up.

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