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LinkedIn is a professional-based social media platform that allows the use of copy, images, video, and more to deliver messages, ideas, and information to your audience. LinkedIn offers both organic and PPC options to ensure that you get the most out of every LinkedIn action. This platform focuses on professional services and guidance and can be a helpful source for delivering service information, commercial roofing tips, and more to help expand your customer base.

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Engage Followers With Blog Posts and More to Expand Your Roofing Company’s Reach.

LinkedIn is an underutilized social media platform for most roofers. Promoting your roofing company on this platform is cost-effective and can have a substantial reach. In contrast to more publicized social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, this network focuses on business professionals. When thinking about how to market on LinkedIn, creating and optimizing a company page can add instant credibility. There are several ways to promote your business on this fast-growing business network:

  • Empower Employees: Employees can talk about working for your company, and even create content for your page
  • Encourage Recommendations: Encourage customers to post recommendations on your company page, similar to online reviews
  • Optimize Your Company Page: Make sure your company page lists accurate NAP information and has a high-quality logo and bio
  • Publish Content: Your company page is a good place to post blogs and other forms of content

Company pages are a valuable resource for contractors. Linkedin company pages serve as a high-quality citation source in addition to a social profile. Like on other social media platforms, it is important that your company page is filled with consistent contact information, a company logo, and a banner photo. Though Linkedin’s primary function is to serve as a business network, its sheer size and activity level makes it a legitimate marketing opportunity for roofing companies. If you require assistance with social media marketing, give us a call today at (800) 353-5758.

LinkedIn PPC Advertising for Roofing

PPC Advertising Options for LinkedIn
LinkedIn Offers Multiple PPC Options to Fit Any Advertising Budget.

LinkedIn, like most social media platforms, offers PPC advertising that is affordable and productive, and can expand your company reach. LinkedIn PPC offers audience customization and analytics tools to ensure you’re always reaching the right people, and offers flexible budgeting so you get results no matter what your cost limit. The Roofing Webmasters experts can manage your LinkedIn business account so you can rest assured that you are reaching the correct audience without going over budget. Our professionals are skilled at PPC campaign management and offer regular reporting and updating so you are always in the loop of your company’s advertising efforts. Call us today at (800) 353-5758 to learn more about LinkedIn PPC management offered by the Roofing Webmasters team.

Company Page Analytics for Roofers

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Analytics Offer Accurate Measurements and Metrics to Help Hone Your Efforts.

LinkedIn offers company page analytics to give you an overlook about your page’s traffic and engagement. This allows roofing companies to make data-driven decisions rather than taking shots in the dark. It also provides valuable insights into consumer behavior, needs, and trends. At Roofing Webmasters, we like to make informed decisions. Our goal for your business is to maximize its ROI, and the best way to do that is through the use of analytics. With company page analytics, we measure the following:

  • Competition: Track follower growth in comparison to industry competitors
  • Demographics: Distinguish followers by various demographics (management level, region, age, etc.)
  • Engagement: Sort posts by engagement levels (likes, shares, comments, etc.)
  • Trends: Filter engagements within a defined date-range (weekly, monthly, yearly, etc,)

Roofing page LinkedIn analytics play an important role in brand development, as well as advocacy and awareness. Information extracted from LinkedIn can be applied on a much larger scale. Social media trends are constantly changing, something illustrated by Facebook’s recent algorithm change, so the more data we can accumulate, the better chance we have to keep pace with the evolving nature of the digital marketplace. It’s also important not to over-complicate the process. We consult with roofing contractors as much or as little as they see fit. We understand the bottom line is what’s most important to you.

LinkedIn for Roofing Contractors

LinkedIn management can be time-consuming when done correctly. The Roofing Webmasters team can manage your roofing LinkedIn account for you, saving you time and hassle. Our team of experts is ready to optimize and manage your Linkedin page so that you can focus on the roofing industry. Trying to manage all of these social media accounts can become a headache for roofing contractors. Solve your marketing problem by investing in internet marketing from Roofing Webmasters today.

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Social media management is an important element of SEO, and each element that you incorporate gives you a better chance for success. In addition to online citations, social activity helps build your roofing company’s reputation throughout the internet. When this is accomplished, your website and social media presence can work together to promote brand awareness and increase customer growth opportunity. For roofer LinkedIn marketing services, call us now at (800) 353-5758.