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Google Adwords gives your website a quick boost

Adwords is an advertising program from Google that allows companies to pay their way to the top of search results for certain keywords. While search engine optimization (SEO) for organic search remains the most sustainable, long-term strategy for building your online presence, companies that want an initial boost in their marketing can utilize Adwords. Companies can bid against each other for certain keywords that they believe searchers will be using to look for a roofing company. For example “roofing services in (location)” would be a keyword that your company could bid on.

It’s important to note that money is not the only thing Google will take into account when deciding who will receive the ad space. Google uses a measurement called quality score in addition to the bid amount your company is willing to spend per click. The quality score applies to how useful your ad will be for potential clicks. In other words, when someone clicks on your ad, will your website be in the context of what they were initially searching for? Remember, Google prioritizes user experience. Make sure your ad is high quality and will be helpful to potential customers.

How Adwords Applies to Roofing Companies

Adwords for Roofer
Adwords is an effective PPC option

Roofing companies need to build up their SEO for organic search. However, solid, sustainable SEO takes time to implement. Roofing companies that want an immediate surge to their online presence and customer growth, can consider paid search options such as Adwords. While Adwords is not as sustainable as organic search, it does provide the initial boost so many companies are looking for. Once that initial boost takes place, you can rely on organic search for long term growth.

The great thing about Adwords is that it doesn’t feel like a typical ad. Instead of a banner of some sort, Adwords appears at the top of search results as if it were any other Google result. Most customers will not be able to tell that it is a paid ad. Because of its adaptability with normal search results, Adwords is one of the best ways to boost your online presence immediately. While SEO for organic search remains the long term, sustainable answer, Adwords is a great way to get started.

How Can Roofing Contractors Set an Adwords Budget?

Adwords Management Tool
Adwords on tablet

Roofing contractors can set a daily budget for their Adwords campaign. Google will recommend a budget for you based on their projections for how useful the spending will be to your company. You can adjust their recommended budget as you see fit. Some roofing companies may want to spend conservatively, while others may want to be aggressive. Your budget can be changed at any time, so that you’re not locked into a set amount. It is important that you continually check your Adwords account to monitor the status of your daily budget.

Google Adwords is the most popular PPC program on the internet. Because so many people use Google to search for services, getting your company visible on the direct source is an unmatched marketing opportunity. Roofing companies that want an immediate boost before their SEO is fully implemented by Google should consider Adwords. For roofer Adwords campaign management, call us at (800) 353-5758.