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Angi' Citations for Roofers

Angi, formerly Angie’s List, has always been a popular directory for home service professionals. Roofers can benefit from a listing on the Angi website because the brand is so reputable with homeowners. A directory listing on Angi also helps NAP consistency because of the trust associated with its platform.

Citations count as nofollow links for roofing companies and help build brand authority and NAP consistency. Aside from Google and Yelp, Angi is one of the most prominent directories for roofing.

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Angi' Directory Listing

Importance of Niche Directories Like Angi’

Certain online listing sources are known as “niche” directories, which means they have increased value for businesses in certain industries. Angi’, for example, is a niche directory for roofers and other home service professionals.

The site is founded on homeowners sharing reviews. It aims to match qualified home service workers, roofers, and homeowners in need.

SEO Impact of Angi’ on Roofing Contractors

One Local SEO ranking factor for roofing companies is listings from reputable citation sources. Local search visibility leads to relevant traffic, which generates leads.

If you fail to optimize your Angi profile, there is no penalty, no automatic loss of rankings, etc. However, you will miss an opportunity to establish your brand further.

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Ensuring NAP Consistency

Angi, like other NAP listings, whether it’s Google Business Profile or Yelp, requires accuracy, consistency, and attention to detail. The name of your roofing company should be spelled as it is on your main website and other citation sources.

For example, Joe’s Roofing Co. should not change to Joe’s Roofing Company on Angi’ because you will confuse potential customers.

Business locations and phone numbers change from time to time, and when they do, you must be vigilant in updating your citations. Even if you moved one suite down in your office, a change in the physical address requires you to ensure the consistency of your listings.

Learn More About Citation Services

Roofing Webmasters offers NAP citations as part of our monthly services. Although citations alone are not enough to generate consistent leads online, they are a key part of a broader digital marketing campaign that includes search engine optimization, website design, and reputation management.

You can contact our agency to discuss the impact of citation sources on roofing companies and how they fit into a proven method of success. Angi is one of the most essential directories for roofing professionals, along with Google Business Profile, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor.