Roofer Angie's List Citations

Angie's List
Homeowners trust Angie’s List for advice on roofing companies

Online citations should be consistent throughout the web. Angie’s list, unlike Yelp, is a listing website specifically designed for home service companies. Still, the listing information should be consistent on both websites. Additionally, roofer Angie’s List citations hold considerable weight because of the directory’s substantial following among homeowners. Customers looking specifically for a roofing contractor could be inclined to try Angie’s List before a site like Yelp. Roofing Webmasters can handle all your citations so that you don’t have to keep track of each of your listings. Websites like Angie’s List gather data about your company throughout the web. It is important that you have control of your listing so that it doesn’t present misinformation about your name, phone number, or address.

Do Roofing Contractor’s Need Angie’s List?

Roofer Angie's List
Roofing contractors should build reputable citations

You might be asking; is it really necessary for roofing contractor’s to show up accurately on Angie’s List? The answer is yes. Your local SEO relies on an accumulation of reputable citations. Angie’s List is a very popular home service website that customers trust. Not only will you have the opportunity to gain customers via Angie’s List, you will be improving your local SEO overall, which will gain you customers from organic Google searches.

What separates a website like Angie’s List from other citation websites is its specificity. A citation website like Yelp lists all types of local businesses. Yelp is known for being a staple in the restaurant industry when people are deciding where they would like to eat. In contrast, Angie’s List is specifically designed for the home service industry. Roofer Angie’s List citations are presented to a more niche market than Yelp. For this reason, roofing companies should pay careful attention to their Angie’s List citation. If you notice that your information is incorrectly listed on Angie’s List, you may require citation cleanup. Roofing Webmasters provides citation management services so that you can rank better in local search.

Angie's List Citation Management
Roofing Webmasters optimizes roofer citations

How Should a Roofing Company Handle Angie’s List Citations

If you put your trust in the wrong marketing services, they may have damaged your local SEO with spammy landing pages that show a different phone number. Although that phone number links back to your company phone, if you end up discontinuing service with that marketing company, that phone number disconnects from your line. Websites like Angie’s List might then collect this erroneous information and use it for your local listing. Now potential customers are calling the wrong number, costing you business. For roofer Angie’s List citation management, call (800) 353-5758 today!