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Satisfied Clients

Our clients only stay for one reason, because the money they pay us is the best return on investment that they can make. Our average client gets 5x the value in organic clicks and marketing compared to other styles of online marketing. These numbers are unbeatable. Check out our portfolio of some previous roofing SEO work we have done. Our satisfied clients will tell you why they continue to trust us with their website month after month. Soon you too can join these roofing companies at the top.

Alliance Roofing

Remember, our clients show up for dozens to hundreds of keywords in the Top 10 on Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is because they have a superior website that is then tended to regularly by skilled and trained individuals. This superior work is why our clients continue to stay with us. One of our satisfied clients who has had great success is Alliance Roofing. Check out the following rankings of important keywords for this successful roofing company.


  • Hartford Roofing - 1st in Organic Results
  • Glastonbury Roofer - 1st in Organic Results
  • Glastonbury Roofing - 1st in Organic Results & 1st in Mapping
  • plus dozens of other keywords

Because of these great rankings, Alliance Roofing is one of our countless satisfied customers. They continue to work with us month after month and continue to enjoy the benefits of proper SEO work being performed on an ongoing basis.


Durafoam Inc.

Another one of our successful roofing clients is Durafoam Inc. from Phoenix, AZ. This company is pleased with their results and happy to stay with us month after month. Remember, you too can achieve similar results through proper SEO work. The following are the top three keyword rankings for Durafoam Inc.:


  • Foam Roofing Company Phoenix - 1st in Organic results & 2nd in Mapping
  • Foam Roofing Phoenix - 2nd in Organic results & 2nd in in Mapping
  • Foam Roofer Phoenix - 2nd in Organic results & 2nd in Mapping
  • plus dozens of other keywords

Great Built Roofing & Construction, Inc.

One of the many reasons our clients stay with us is because we provide superior work from exceptional web design to original and creative content. One of our roofing clients, Great Built Roofing & Construction, Inc. stays with us month after month because we continue to regularly update and add SEO elements that help them attract more leads.You, too, can have more leads and higher conversion with SEO work done by


  • 3rd in Maps- Commercial Roofing San Antonio
  • Top 5 in Roofing Repair San Antonio
  • 2nd in Asphalt Shingle San Antonio
  • plus dozens of other keywords

Crosby Roofing

Crosby Roofing, one of our roofing customers, has found great success by using our services. They are pleased with the results they have been getting from our services, which include unique content, superior web design, and other SEO services such as social media and mapping that have brought them more customer leads and clicks on their roofing website. With the proper SEO work, your website can go up in rankings and achieve more customer leads. Below are some keyword rankings for Crosby Roofing.


  • Top 5 in Flat Roofing Macon Ga
  • 1st Page - Roofing Macon GA
  • Top 5 in Commercial Roofing Macon GA
  • 1st Page - Gutter Repair Macon GA