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Piss & Vinegar for Roofing Success (Podcast)

To run a successful roofing business in 2021, you need an entrepreneurial spirit, sometimes known as mojo or simply attitude. Roofers who don’t possess the trait in some form will fail to dominate their local areas. Additionally, those who don’t have it will fall short in marketing for roofers, which is the key to success in the digital age. 

While having the right attitude is vital, you must combine your drive with structure and procedure. If you only have the mojo, you won’t retain employees and run a competent roofing company that can grow over time. With that in mind, you must have procedural systems in place, most importantly, marketing.

Marketing is Vital for Roofing Companies in 2021

Most roofers expect to grow without investing in marketing which is a logical fallacy. Instead, many contractors spend their money on a new truck, a new boat, or a vacation getaway. Successful roofing businesses use that same money and reinvest it in marketing like SEO, web design, and Google Ads. The choice comes down to priorities and vision.

Roofing Software Helps With Procedures

Marketing is the first step, but to streamline your roofing business, you’ll need roofing software, as well. Your customers expect accurate reporting, estimates, and proposals, all of which modern roofing apps can achieve. Most of the software also helps with dispatching and field management. At Roofing Webmasters, we offer software called DataPins to help with SEO.

Establishing a Growth Mindset for Your Roofing Company

Making sound business decisions determines how well your roofing company grows. You can’t alienate employees and expect success in 2021. Instead, you should hire the proper employees to establish systems of management that foster a positive work environment. With this kind of attitude, combined with marketing and software, you will succeed in roofing.

Don’t Forget What Got You “Here”

One pitfall for the roofing business forgets what brought them success initially. For example, you might invest in a marketing agency to help your company appear on Google search results. Once you start getting calls from those listings, you might decide to dump the marketing company and hire someone in-house. Unfortunately, firing your agency is wrong because it ignores the factors that brought you success and reinvest them in unproven tactics.

Never Lose Your Drive for Success

Roofers who make a little bit of money might be satisfied with minimal gains. There’s an excellent opportunity to expand your business even further with the right strategies. The key is keeping your attitude for success by maintaining your drive and chasing greatness. At Roofing Webmasters, we help roofing companies achieve their goals with digital marketing and software. 

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