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It’s a question we get all the time. “Why do my competitors rank in Google Maps listings, but not my business?” It can be an extremely frustrating situation to find yourself in, especially when your business has more reviews, higher ratings, and a longer history. With Google’s history of recurring algorithm changes, it can be difficult to put a finger on exactly what’s going wrong with your roofing SEO.

In our podcast, Jason and Nolen explore what it takes to show up in mapping and earn more leads as a roofing contractor. If you’ve been coveting a featured listing for some time, be sure to listen in!

Look for These Key Points

Google Maps Listings and Local Packs

By now, almost any roofing contractor can tell you that ranking #1 on Google means big business for your company. The top ranks of search engine results pages (SERPs) continues to shift with each passing year. The ultimate win for roofing SEO these days is scoring a spot in local packs, a feature of Google Maps listings.

Google Maps, of course, is the satellite and database-powered tool that connects consumers with local services. It features the familiar pins on the map and nearby cross streets. Maps listings now include crucial contact and reputation data on each business, including addresses, service type, operating hours, and reviews. That last element is a point of some contention in the roofing contractor community. We’ll talk about that in a little bit.

Local packs, on the other hand, are a special SERP feature that pulls three of the most relevant entries from Google Maps listings. As their popularity and influence increases, local packs grow more and more competitive each year. They earn a large percentage of clicks, pulling traffic away from other lower front page listings. Local packs typically claim second or third place in the front page order, just below Google Guaranteed entries and paid ads.

What Do These Features Look Like?

Local Packs

A Local Pack SERP Feature

An Example of a Local Pack from Google Maps Listings
Notice How Local Packs Now Include Paid Listings!

Google Maps Listings

Google Maps Results

An Example of a Google Maps Search
Google Maps Listings Change Too! Notice All the Rich Information Available to Searchers.

Reputation Management

Beyond the traditional keyword optimization, Google looks for three key qualities in a website. These include:

  • Expertise of the content creators
  • Authoritativeness of the content creators, the content itself, and the website
  • Trustworthiness of the company

These E-A-T factors can be traced all the way back to Google’s 2015 Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, and heavily impact the search engine’s ranking of your website (including Maps listings). When it comes to proving trustworthiness, few elements influence Google’s (and people’s) judgement than User Reviews. 

Balancing Your Reviews

In the past, Google emphasized the collection of reviews on their platform. The relationship between reviews and list ranking seemed clear: get more five star reviews, get higher rankings. However, Google now recommends earning reviews across a broader spectrum of sources. Some of these may be from social media platforms (such as Facebook and Instagram). Others come from citation companies, including Yelp and Angie’s List.

Your roofing team probably works hard as it is earning new reviews from clients. Now there’s the thought of collecting them across different platforms. The most important players in this new plan are the people interacting directly with the clients. Simply asking for reviews and offering a reference card will usually do the job. Make sure your social media platforms have the reviews call to action optimized and ready to take on the additional traffic!

Righteous Reviews

Google also rewards businesses who display reviews within their website. The widget you incorporate could have a significant effect on Google’s perception of your business. One of the review tools that we absolutely love at the Roofing Webmasters is Righteous Reviews. With this widget, our clients can pull reviews from various platforms and allow customers to leave reviews directly on the website for their chosen platform (Facebook, Google, or Yelp for example).

Roofing contractors can also use the widget to send invitations to review. Imagine easily requesting reviews via text messages that include a direct link to your website! Finally, roofing professionals can check into job sites, and that geo-location data gets embedded in your website. Essentially, this provides proof to Google that your company performs services in those locations. You can listen to Jason’s take on this capability around 8:10 in the video.

Balanced Roofing SEO Produces Results

One thing that should be stressed is the importance of other roofing SEO factors in your company’s Google Maps listings. Reviews alone will not provide the rankings you desire. Google’s examination of your company website also impacts your local search rankings. If a business skimps out on the professional design, keyword optimization, and other essential activities, they will almost certainly not appear in local packs.

With that being said, reviews are essential to ranking well!

Earn Premium Listings With Roofing Webmasters

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