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105 Most Common Roofing Questions (on Google Search)

Common Roofing Questions (Blog Cover)

Below is a comprehensive list of the most common roofing questions on Google search.

Our raw data comes from SEMRush, one of the most reputable tools for estimating the search volume of search engine queries.

Our data evaluation comes from in-house research and data from our agency, Roofing Webmasters.

Consider that the date is US-based and does not account for global queries. The data is updated for 2023:

NumberQuestionSearch Volume
1how much does a new roof cost6,600
2how long does a roof last5,400
3how much is a new roof4,400
4how long do roofs last2,900
5how to install metal roofing2,900
6how much does a metal roof cost2,400
7how much does a roof cost2,400
8how much does it cost to replace a roof2,400
9how much is a metal roof2,400
10how to get insurance to pay for roof replacement2,400
11how much to replace a roof1,900
12how to install a metal roof1,900
13how to shingle a roof1,900
14how long does a metal roof last1,600
15how long does a shingle roof last1,600
16how much does new roof cost1,600
17how to fix a leaking roof1,600
18what is a gable roof1,600
19what is a hip roof1,600
20what is tpo roofing1,600
21can you paint a metal roof1,300
22does homeowners insurance cover roof leaks1,300
23how long do metal roofs last1,300
24how much to replace roof1,300
25how to cut metal roofing1,300
26how to install roof shingles1,300
27how to tarp a roof1,300
28what is roof flashing1,300
29will insurance cover a 20 year-old roof1,300
30how long does roof last1,000
31how much for a new roof1,000
32how often to replace roof1,000
33how to calculate roof pitch1,000
34how to install metal roof1,000
35how to insulate an attic roof rafters1,000
36how to measure a roof for shingles1,000
37how to measure roof pitch1,000
38how to remove moss from roof1,000
39what is flashing on a roof1,000
40does home insurance cover roof880
41how long does a thatched roof last880
42how much does a roof replacement cost880
43how much does roofing cost880
44how to build a roof880
45how to build a shed roof880
46how to find the pitch of a roof880
47how to replace roof shingles880
48what a flat roof doesn’t have880
49what is a pitched roof880
50what is the rake of a roof880
51what paint goes with a brown roof880
52can you paint roof shingles720
53does home insurance cover roof leaks720
54how big is a roofing square720
55how long do shingle roofs last720
56how long should a roof last720
57how much do metal roofs cost720
58how much is a roof replacement720
59how much is metal roofing720
60how to determine roof pitch720
61how to find a roof leak720
62how to install metal roofing over shingles720
63how to install roll roofing720
64how to measure a roof720
65is a metal roof cheaper than shingles720
66what is a composition roof720
67what is a roofing square720
68what is a square in roofing720
69what is a tpo roof720
70can you put a metal roof over shingles590
71how long do roof shingles last590
72how long do tile roofs last590
73how long does an asphalt roof last590
74how long does it take to replace a roof590
75how much does metal roofing cost590
76how much for a metal roof590
77how to calculate roof square footage590
78how to clean roof shingles590
79how to connect a porch roof to house590
80how to fix a roof leak590
81how to get moss off roof590
82how to get rid of pigeons on roof590
83how to install roof vent590
84how to install roofing shingles590
85how to install solar panels on roof590
86how to put shingles on a roof590
87how to repair roof leak590
88what does hail damage look like on a roof590
89what is a gabled roof590
90what is a roof eave590
91are metal roofs better480
92can you paint metal roofing480
93does a new roof increase home value480
94does home warranty cover roof480
95does homeowners insurance cover roof replacement480
96how long does a slate roof last480
97how long is a roof good for480
98how many square feet in a roofing square480
99how much are metal roofs480
100how much does a shingle roof cost480
101how often should a roof be replaced480
102how to build roof trusses480
103how to clean a metal roof480
104how to patch a roof leak480
105should i stay home during roof replacement480

The Most Asked Roofing Question on Google

The most common roofing question on Google is, “How much does a new roof cost?” This question is searched for an estimated 6,600 times per month with an estimated keyword difficulty of 77.

Roofing Question Statistic Showcasing The 6,660 Monthly Searches for "How Much Does a New Roof Cost"

Analyzing The Most Common Roofing-Related Queries

Below, we analyze and evaluate the most common roofing-related questions based on our years of SEO experience. 

Consider that some of the questions above list have a similar or identical intent. For example, “how much does a new roof cost” and “how much is a new roof” have the same purpose.

As a result, we are skipping over specific queries to cover separate user intents.

Check out the most common roofing-related questions.

Bar Graph for Roofing Related Queries

1) How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

It’s obvious why this query is so ordinary: consumers are concerned with the cost of a roof. Both homeowners and commercial building owners seek information about the price of a new roof before investing in one.

Search Volume: 6,600

2) How Long Does a Roof Last?

Both homeowners and commercial property owners are also interested in the lifespan of their roofing systems. These searches frequently occur after a roof shows signs of wear and tear or forms various leaks.

Search Volume: 5,400

3) How to Install Metal Roofing

This query is the first how-to query of the list and the most popular of its kind. The users seeking these answers are a combination of DIY roofers and newer roofing professionals. 

Search Volume: 2,900

4) How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost?

Unlike the number one question on our list, this query asks explicitly about the pricing of metal roofs. These users have already determined which roofing system sparks their interest and want information that pertains directly to it.

Search Volume: 2,400

5) How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof

This query is once again concerned with pricing, but in this case, specifically, as it pertains to roof replacement. Other queries on this list imply an interest in roof installation, whereas this one focuses explicitly on replacement.

Search Volume: 2,400

Leveraging Common Roofing Questions for SEO

The questions listed throughout this post can be implemented into a roofing SEO strategy through blog posts, YouTube videos, and original case studies. 

However, crafting a content marketing strategy is vital before attempting to benefit from these questions. Haphazardly publishing basic blog posts for each query is a bad SEO strategy that violates Google’s Helpful Content Update algorithm.

As noted, some of these questions share the same user intent, meaning they do not require individual blog posts. Instead, you must first group the questions based on objective and create one content asset per keyword group.

Once you properly group your queries, you can develop high-quality and exclusive content that presents your point of view based on expertise and experience. You cannot simply run ChatGPT to produce regurgitated content previously published about these topics.

Follow these guidelines, and you can benefit from these questions.

Final Thoughts

Roofing Webmasters’ comprehensive list of the most common roofing questions on Google benefits roofers as long as they properly implement them into a sound SEO strategy.

Knowing what consumers are searching for regarding roofing is also generally beneficial. Crafting content that meets users’ needs is the function of SEO.

At Roofing Webmasters’ we’ve worked with thousands of roofing companies over the past decade, and we can work with you, too.

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