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How to Rank for Roofing Shingle Brands on Google

Rank For Shingle Brands (Blog Cover)

Have you ever wanted to rank your roofing company website for shingle brands like CertainTeed, GAF, Malarky, IKO, TAMKO, Owens Corning, and Atlas?

It’s a good idea because many of your customers are searching for roofing companies with experience with these shingle brands.

For example, a local homeowner might search Google for a query like “install certainteed roofing shingles dallas.”

Users who use specific long-tail keywords are among the many considerations when implementing SEO onto your website.

How Google Assocaties Roofers With Shingle Brands

Let’s use the example above in which a homeowner searches for a local roofer offering CertainTeed shingle work.

When queries related to shingle brands occur, Google will pull websites that have one of the following components in order of priority:

  • A page dedicated to CertainTeed shingles
  • The word “CertainTeed” within the content of a service or location page
  • A pin or check-in featuring images of CertainTeed shingles or “CertainTeed” in the caption
  • A customer review mentioning “CertainTeed” within a widget on the website

In rare cases, Google may show a Google Map 3-Pack for these types of queries, which would appear above traditional website results.

The Map 3-Pack will rank active Google Business Profiles based on the following priorities:

  • A connected website URL that mentions “CertainTeed.”
  • A Google review mentioning “CertainTeed.”
  • A Google Post mentioning “CertainTeed.”
  • The phrase “CertainTeed” within your Google business description

Specific Techniques to Rank for Shingle Brands

Create a Dedicated Page for Each Shingle Brand

Part of outperforming competitors on Google Search involves creating unique content that differentiates your website from others.

One example is publishing dedicated website pages for each roofing shingle brand (GAF, CertainTeed, TAMKO, etc.)

Depending on content quality, Google will crawl these individual pages and index them for brand-related queries.

A dedicated content page typically outranks a page with bullet points mentioning multiple brands or services.

Website Page Dedicated to Specific Shingle Brand Product

To put it in simple terms:

A CertainTeed Roofing Installation Page

Ranks Higher Than

A Roofing Installation Page With Bullet Points for CertainTeed. GAF and TAMKO

Showcase Brand-Specific Jobs with Pins or Check-ins

Home service providers like roofers can benefit from schema markup called check-ins. 

Schema markup is a microdata language that communicates with search engines and, in this case, signals a job out in the field (i.e., your customer’s home)

Several software tools exist to auto-publish check-ins for roofers, including DataPins, which consolidates schema check-ins, photos, mini-maps, and captions to form a pin.

Each pin can be tagged to a specific website page, so every time you install CertainTeed roofing shingles, it can be tagged to your dedicated CertainTeed page.

These pins create relevant content and SEO signaling that helps you rank for branded terms on Google Organic and Google Map 3-Pack.

Ask Customers to Mention Shingle Brands in Reviews

Another way to rank for roofing shingle brands on Google is to ask customers who received brand-specific shingle installation to mention the brand name within their Google reviews.

Each Google review appears on your Google Business Profile and can be scanned by Google’s local algorithm when ranking listings within the Local Map 3-Pack.

As a result, your Google Business Profile can rank for brand-related queries if you accumulate these types of reviews.

Furthermore, Google Maps sometimes displays “review justifications” with their search results.

For example, a consumer searches for Owens Corning Duration® roof shingle installation in their city, and Google shows them a highlighted review from one of your customers that mentions the material within their review.

The review is associated with your business listing to help the user find a company like yours that meets their specific needs.

If you install a review slider plugin on your website, Google reviews mentioning these shingle brands can also help you rank on traditional organic results.

When Google reviews are included on your website, they are eligible to rank as part of your website (i.e., on Google search results)

Screenshot of Shingle Brand Mentioned in Google Review

Examples of Roofing Companies Ranking for Shingle Brands

At Roofing Webmasters, we have first-hand experience in helping roofers rank for shingle brands on Google search results.

Here are some of the many examples of our client’s ranking, below:


This roofer ranks #1 on traditional organic results for CertainTeed shingle insulation in their city. Since the results DO NOT include a map pack, the #1 ranking is even more visible and attracts a higher click-through rate (CTR).

Screenshot of CertainTeed Shingle Brand Ranking on Google

Owens Corning

The same contractor also ranks for Owens Corning shingle installation in the same area, showing the versatility and coverage roofing companies can achieve with the right SEO strategy.

Screenshot of Owens Corning Shingle Brand Ranking on Google


This company ranks #1 on Google Maps 3-Pack for GAF shingle repair in their city, showcasing one of the rare examples of Google showing a map for this type of query. 

Screenshot of GAF Shingle Brand Ranking on Google


This contractor ranks for Atlas shingle installation in their city, a very populated area with lots of competition in the roofing space. Their willingness to go above and beyond with SEO made the difference.

Screenshot of Atlas Shingle Brand Ranking on Google


This local roofer also ranks within a Map 3-Pack for a shingle brand query, such as TAMKO roof installation in their city. None of their customer reviews mentions “TAMKO, ” which means Google pulls the information directly from their website content.

Screenshot of TAMKO Shingle Brand Ranking on Google


This established roofing contractor DOMINATES search results for a specific IKO roofing shingle. 

Consumers looking for this type of IKO roofing work in their area will see this roofing client when searching on Google, as they rank #1 and #2 on organic results, and the SERP includes a knowledge graph of their Google Business Profile.

This is Google’s way of highlighting a company that has demonstrated expertise for a topic while meeting a distinct user intent for a specific query.

Screenshot of IKO Shingle Brand Ranking for Multiple SERP Features on Google

Next Steps for Ranking Your Company for Shingle Brands

This post outlines the techniques necessary to rank for roofing shingle brands like GAF and CertainTeed in detail, with specific examples of local companies ranking for similar terms.

Every roofing contractor has the opportunity to rank for these brands if they are willing to put effort into their website and web content.

If you would like to emulate the shingle brand rankings above in your service area, study the free resources on Roofing Webmasters, including our website, blog, and YouTube channel.

We teach roofers how to rank for these kinds of search queries. However, if you want to take your rankings to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us regarding our SEO services, including DataPins, the powerful Map ranking software that helps you rank for thousands of long-tail queries from your real-life jobs.

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