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Top 100 Roofing YouTube Searches (Keywords) in 2024

Roofing YouTube Searches (Blog Cover)

Check out our comprehensive list of the most searched roofing keywords on YouTube.

We used the popular keyword research tool Ahrefs to collect this data.

While Ahrefs is one of the most renowned keyword research tools, it is essential to remember that these numbers are estimates.

The data is only for the United States and does not account for searches in other countries.

2metal roofing installation3,000
3roofing shingles installation1,900
4installing metal roofing1,300
5tpo roofing installation1,200
6how to install metal roofing1,100
7metal roofing800
8corrugated metal roofing installation800
9jerky boys roofing700
10installing metal roofing over shingles700
11roll roofing installation600
12torch down roofing installation500
13metal roofing installation over shingles450
14install metal roofing450
15roofing 101400
16roofing installation400
17epdm rubber roofing installation350
18polycarbonate roofing installation350
19cutting metal roofing350
20installing corrugated metal roofing300
21roofing torch300
22how to install metal roofing over shingles300
23gaf roofing installation250
24roofing a shed250
25rolled roofing250
26roofing a house250
27rolled roofing installation250
28installing metal roofing panels200
39gaf roofing200
30roll roofing200
31how to do roofing200
32shingles roofing installation200
33tpo roofing200
34roofing insights200
35diy metal roofing installation150
36how to cut metal roofing150
37eric garcia roofing150
38corrugated roofing installation150
39metal roofing installed over shingles roofing pro150
40roofing sales150
41how to install roofing shingles150
42diy roofing150
43owens corning roofing150
44rubber roofing150
45roofing repair150
46roofing intelligence part 1150
47how to install rolled roofing100
48pvc roofing installation100
49epdm roofing100
50ondura roofing installation100
51how to install corrugated roofing panels100
52spray foam roofing100
53how to install roll roofing100
54metal roofing valley installation100
55install roll roofing100
56installing steel roofing100
57commercial roofing100
58roofing materials100
59peel and stick roofing90
60re roofing a house90
61roofing fail90
62this old house roofing90
63how to install rolled roofing on a flat roof80
64the jerky boys roofing80
65conklin roofing systems80
66torch down roofing80
67union metal roofing80
68shed roofing80
69how to install steel roofing70
70how to install asphalt shingles roofing70
71roofing over existing shingles70
72epdm roofing installation70
73metal roofing over shingles70
74cutting corrugated metal roofing70
75install rolled roofing70
76how to install roll roofing on low slope roofs70
77cougar paws roofing shoes70
78nice roofing60
79roofing tips60
80how to install rubber roofing60
81roofing business60
82installing roll roofing60
83bad roofing job60
84installing rolled roofing60
85roofing shingles60
86diy roofing a house60
87roofing company60
88roll roofing flat roof60
89canvassing for roofing60
90frank rizzo roofing60
91fabral metal roofing installation50
92roofing intelligence50
93steel roofing50
94roofing accidents50
95alternative roofing materials50
96union corrugated roofing installation50
97roofing fails50
98steel roofing installation50
99hot tar roofing40
100how to install metal roofing on a shed40

As you can see, the list contains a combination of installation queries, brand queries, strategy queries, material queries, and more. 

Unlike Google searches, which typically contain more commercial intent roofing keywords, YouTube searches are dominated by how-to and tutorial-based searches.

YouTube Search Statistic Showing Estimated Search Volume for "Metal Roofing Installation"

Here are some of the roofing YouTube searches that stood out the most:

1) How to Install Metal Roofing

Query: how to install metal roofing

Monthly Volume: 1.1K


People are using YouTube to learn how to install metal roofs properly. This is likely a combination of non-roofers exploring DIY installation or newer roofing contractors looking for context about certain parts of the installation process.

2) Roofing 101

Query: roofing 101

Monthly Volume: 400


Users are using YouTube to find fundamental information about roofing. Non-roofers looking for DIY advice or ways to get into the roofing industry are likely the main culprits of this search term.

3) Roofing a Shed

Query: roofing a shed

Monthly Volume: 250


People are going on YouTube to find information about roofing for sheds. Compared to more common property types like houses and commercial buildings, shed roofing is generally less discussed. We can assume that both roofers and DIYers are using this search phrase.

4) Roofing Sales

Query: roofing sales

Monthly Volume: 150


Sales are an essential part of running a profitable roofing business. As a result, roofers are going on YouTube to find information about sales techniques and strategies. Of course, some of the volume is also likely attributed to individuals who work for roofing companies but do not manually perform roofing services.

5) Roofing Fail

Query: roofing fail

Monthly Volume: 90


Any YouTube query that includes “fail” will return videos of individuals comedically failing at their jobs or professions. In this case, searches are looking for roofers caught on video messing something up. Most searches are likely to be non-roofers looking to laugh out loud at a roofer’s expense. 

But as we all know from the popular roofing memes, many roofing professionals are unafraid to laugh at themselves and each other.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is often an untapped marketing channel for roofing companies. While you can’t expect to enjoy the conversion rates of ranking on Google, YouTube engagement can lead to sales and increase brand awareness and digital marketing synergy.

At Roofing Webmasters, we can help optimize your YouTube strategy in 2024.

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