Best Types of Leads For Roofers (Podcast)

In today’s podcast, Nolen and Jason discuss the best types of leads for roofing companies. Most roofers invest in roofing leads in one way or another. Platforms like HomeAdvisor offer lead generation services, and other services will sell leads to roofing companies directly. But before investing in any lead platform, you should understand the different types of roofing leads.

Exclusive Roofing Leads

The best type of roofing lead is exclusive, which means that it belongs to your company only. Exclusive leads may come from your own branded entities like your website, Google My Business listing, or Facebook page. These types of customers don’t go through a middle man to get to your company. Instead, they contact you directly so that you can sell them.

Some platforms allow roofers to buy exclusive leads for a fixed price, but they run far more expensive than other types of leads. Furthermore, you can generate exclusive leads on your own without having to go through a broker. Of course, you will have to learn strategies like search engine optimization to maximize your prospects. Of course, you can also hire an SEO agency.

Commercial Roofing Leads

It’s no secret within the roofing industry that commercial jobs produce more money and fewer headaches. A consistent stream of commercial leads for roofers can ensure a year-long ROI for contractors. The key to getting commercial jobs is properly marketing your commercial services online. It’s not enough to mention it on your homepage, you actually need specific service pages for each type of commercial roofing service.

Some companies focus on commercial projects exclusively, while others handle both residential and commercial jobs. Obviously, residential jobs are more common, but they also pay less and can fluctuate with seasons. If you are a residential roofing company looking to transition into the commercial space, a small rebrand of your website can go a long way towards achieving your goals.

Shared Leads

Shared roofing leads are less favorable because multiple contractors compete for the same customer. You may lose out on a potential customer to one of your competitors, which creates ongoing frustration. While you can just buy another lead, you begin to lose momentum by relying on a 3rd party for your customers.

Worst of all even shared leads completed by your roofing company deliver lesser ROI than an exclusive customer. Why? Because customers who buy shared leads think about the 3rd party next time, they need a roofing job. This behavior contrasts customers from exclusive leads since those prospects come back to your roofing company when they need more services.

Free Leads

Nothing good is free, they say. And when it comes to roofing leads, they are correct. However, there is one way to generate free leads that work. Roofers must claim a Google My Business listing and then optimize it with reviews, photos, and posts. Once you begin ranking in the Local 3-Pack, you can generate clicks and calls without paying a dime. 

To acquire free leads, you must go through Google My Business. Any website offering free leads through its platform is almost certainly hiding something about its business model. That’s why you should be vigilant and skeptical about non-verified lead brokers. Your best chance is to claim your GMB listing and start optimizing it today.

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