Canonicalization For Roofers

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Canonical Tags Improve Search Engine Optimizaton

Canonicalization is a way to communicate with Google and other search engines, that a particular URL is the “master” version of the page. The process is executed through the implementation of a canonical tag within the HTML code. The motivation for applying this tag is to prevent duplicate content issues on your website. Some of the advantages to canonicalization include:

  • Crawl Optimization: Canonicalization allows Google bots to more efficiently crawl your website
  • SEO: The use of this technique prevents website pages from competing against themselves on Google SERPs
  • Path Abridgement: Keep your website structure seamless by limiting the amount of paths on search engine results
  • URL Structure: Without canonical tags, search engines interpret all URLs as separate — even when they are variations of the same page

Though duplicate content is not an official Google penalty, it is known to cause serious SEO problems for websites that contain it. In fact, it can cause ranking drops due to identical web pages competing against themselves. Call (800) 353-5758 for roofer canonicalization services.

Canonicalization For Home Pages

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301 Redirects Are Different From Canonical Tags

If roofing contractors are looking for which page to implement canonical tags on, the home page is a great place to start. Why? Home pages are generally accessed in a variety of ways, none of which you can control externally. For example, users might access our home page through:


Each URL will take you directly to the home page, but one of these URLs should be marked for canonicalization. This way, search engines will ignore the other portals, and simply market the tagged URL to its users. This process is unique from 301 redirects, as the alternate page variations can still be seen, but must be accessed through the address bar.

Do Roofing Contractors Need Canonicalization?

Canonicalization URLIt is strongly recommended for SEO purposes. Any small optimization enhancement can be the difference in some of the most competitive rankings on the market. Thus, SEO is the primary reason for canonical tags. It is important to avoid pitfalls when using these tags. For example, identical pages are not the same as similar pages. You want to keep similar pages separate.

Another thing to be mindful of when using these tags is consistency. You don’t want to mark multiple pages as the “master” copy because it will confuse Google crawlerbots and create all kinds of crawl errors on your website. This can hurt your SEO moving forward. Call (800) 353-5758 for roofer canonicalization services.