Roofer Content Marketing Strategies

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Content is king for a roofer looking to build his or her presence online. How you market your content is a strategy that will have serious implications for your business and your conversions. In this case, conversions are the amount of times a potential customer decides to hire your roofing company. High quality web content that tells the potential customer about the services you offer, and why you can help them, should boost your conversions significantly. The foundation of a roofer content marketing strategy consists of an SEO rich website structure, quality and informative content, and a call to action for website visitors. The call to action might be to call to your company to inquire about your services. Once you have the potential customer on the phone, a sale becomes much easier.

Does Your Roofing Company Need a New Strategy?

Roofer Content Marketing
A good online presence builds your customer base

Is your roofing company suffering in the digital age? Do you lack the online resources to compete with newer, tech savvy roofing companies? Maybe your website is outdated and not performing up to expectations? At Roofing Webmasters, we have the solution. We will provide a content marketing strategy that will quickly launch your company into online relevance. With an SEO rich website, quality content, and a clear call to action, you can grow your presence online. Before you know it, you will be completing sales from online customers. Unlike other SEO companies that stuff your website with keywords, Roofing Webmasters provides sustainable, high quality content that will leave you in good standing with search engines. This keeps your page ranking higher in search engines, and helps you stand out from unprofessional roofing company websites.

How SEO Helps You Find Roofing Customers

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Our experts know exactly how to market your content

You need to reach potential customers before you can have conversions. A content rich website with proper search engine optimization (SEO), can bring you customers in 3 simple steps:

Step One: Search

A customer looking for a roofing contractor in their area will type their request into a search engine. It will be something like “roofer in (my location)”. If your website has been properly optimized and has gained priority with quality content and scheduled blog posts, you will be one of the higher ranking websites on their search results.

Step Two: Visibility

Next, they will click on your website and find out that your roofing company provides the service they are looking for. Your website will be visible to customers searching for roofing services in your area. Correct keyword research and website optimization enables your website to be visible to customers seeking services that you provides.

Step Three: Call To Action

A potential customer can immediately call the phone number listed on your website. You now have a potential roofing customer on the phone, one who is looking for one of the services listed on your website. A sale becomes likely at that point. Suddenly your roofing services are in the scope of anyone with an internet connection that is looking for a roofer. For more information about roofer content marketing strategies, call as at  (800) 353-5758