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Content Marketing Strategies

Ranking #1 on Google is no easy task. The most successful roofing websites possess engaging and valuable content, characteristics outlined in Google’s Quality Guidelines. Understanding Google’s expectations can help craft a great website. But writing great content is not enough to secure the top rankings on search results.

Roofing contractors often wonder what to do after creating service pages, publishing blog posts, and targeting keywords. That’s where content marketing comes in. Within content marketing, there are several strategies that roofers can deploy to get the results that they are looking for in 2023 and beyond. Some of the most effective content marketing strategies include:

  • Updates
  • Distribution
  • Link Building
  • Social Sharing

The phrase “content is king” is frequently echoed by marketing professionals and others close to the industry. Although content is important, it cannot produce favorable Google rankings on its own. For content to make an impact, it must reach external parties. Google does not rank pages based on the quality of writing.

Roofing businesses sometimes make the mistake of hiring content writers only and fail to see the results they are looking for from a search engine optimization standpoint. Remember, the ultimate goal for your company website is to rank search results and generate traffic. Marketing content is a significant step in the roofing SEO process, and utilizing one or more of these strategies can make it happen.

Signs You Need a Content Marketing Strategy

If your roofing website is filled with high-quality pages and blog posts but fails to rank for any notable keywords, it may be time to pursue new content marketing strategies. How do you know if you’re ranking for anything? Well, it might be evident by the lack of leads you are getting for your business. But a more accurate way of checking involves using SEO tools like Google Search Console to track your keywords.

If you are struggling to rank, you should first ensure that you have a professional website design for roofers optimized with schema code and crawlable to search engines with a hierarchical URL structure. If the problem is not your website design or crawlability, it is very likely an issue with your content marketing strategy. Here are some indicators that you need to take action on:

  • High Bounce Rates: A high rate of users exiting your website immediately upon entrance
  • Lack of Calls: A low number of phone calls per month
  • Poor Rankings: Low or non-existent rankings on Google search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Irrelevant Traffic: A large percentage of traffic that is not leading to sales conversions

Lack of keyword ranking is one sign your content marketing strategy needs reassessment. A second indicator is an irrelevant traffic stream: commercial roofing consumers visiting your residential roofing website, for example. Aimless blog posts may initiate empty traffic, lowering your conversion rates while producing a false sense of improvement.

Bounce rates may increase as a result and worsen your website’s overall health. The goal is to acquire relevant traffic that benefits your company. While not every visitor will buy your services, they should at least find the answers they seek within your content. A positive user experience creates a win for your brand in one way or another.

Content Distribution Channels

One of the most common ways to market content is through distribution. Many channels exist online that can increase the value of content while exposing it to more people. Social media is probably the most popular illustration of this method, as networks like Facebook and LinkedIn support content sharing.

Email Lists

Email marketing is another option for roofing companies that can include links to blog posts within their monthly newsletters while developing a list of subscribers. Once you develop a quality email list, you can begin promoting special roofing service offers, discounts, and company updates to your consumer base.

Social Media

You can share your website content on official social media accounts like Facebook and LinkedIn. Remember that business pages on Facebook garner very limited organic reach. As a result, you may need to invest in Facebook Ads to reach a wider audience with your content.

Press Releases

Press releases represent another opportunity for content distribution but should only be used to announce important news events. Writing a press release for your business can allow you to promote it to online newspapers and magazines to enhance brand recognition and boost traffic. You should link to your homepage in a press release distribution, as linking to an article is considered black-hat SEO.

Content By Humans for Humans

If you are serious about ranking for roofing keywords in your local service areas, avoid using AI content generation tools like Jasper and ChatGPT to produce your landing pages. Google’s recent Helpful Content Update directly addresses the growing need for content written by humans for humans.

ChatGPT, in particular, is a very powerful tool that can generate topics and ideas and assist with the content outlining process. However, it should not be used to write your landing pages or blog posts. Instead, invest in human content writers and editors to publish the most professional SEO content.

Learn About Our Content Marketing Strategies

You might wonder where you can find a marketing company that can utilize all the distribution channels listed above. You’ve seen it in Roofing Webmasters. We are a full-service digital marketing agency for roofers. We handle SEO and website design and employ a full staff of content writers to produce original and valuable material for your pages.

But the work does not end there. After completing content in the form of pages and posts, we distribute noteworthy material through the proper marketing channels. We aim to rank you as high as possible on Google while expanding your web presence and visibility. With hundreds of roofing clients on board, we know what it takes.