Content Proofreading for Roofers

Writers Proofreading Roofer Content
We Review Content For Grammar, Structure, and Style

The presence of a website no longer moves the needle for roofing companies. In 2018, nearly every roofing contractor has some sort of online presence. To stand out in a competitive market, your website must be exemplary. One way to improve a website’s quality is through content proofreading. Google values websites that foster a positive reader experience, and well-written, error-free, content works towards that ideal. Roofing Webmasters offers content proofreading services to companies across the country. We audit content for the following:

  • Grammatical Mistakes: Subject-verb disagreements, punctuation misapplications, etc.
  • Capitalization: Good copy adheres to standard capitalization rules
  • Structure and Formatting: Copy should be presented in a visually appealing way with bullet points, numbered lists, etc.
  • Voice and Style: Your copy should read to the user as if it were an authoritative source on roofing

Consumers view a website as a representation of its corresponding company. Mistakes on roofing sites reflect poorly on roofing companies, and serve as a detriment to the overall brand. Research indicates that brand perception influences consumer behavior, particularly when it comes to sales. Misspelled words, poor punctuation, and unformatted text, each contribute to a negative perception of your company. The presumption of companies with poor web content is that their services are similarly unprofessional, even if that is not actually the case. Call (800) 353-5758 for content proofreading for roofers.

Additional Content Proofreading For Roofers

Writers Proofread Roofing Content
Blogs,, Social Posts, and Reviews Should Be Proofread

Proofreading is not limited to your company’s primary website. As you know, there are several other representations of your business online. In the modern digital marketing landscape, instances of branded content are commonplace. It’s for this reason that proofreading should not be limited to website copy. Perceptions of your business can be formed through various channels, and so each must be tended to with the same intensity of detail. Additional platforms for proofreading include:

  • Blog Posts: Though less formal than webpages, blog posts must still be well-written
  • Directory Listings: Google My Business, and similar profiles encourage company descriptions
  • Review Responses: Review responses on websites like Yelp should be proofread

The internet is always evolving, creating new platforms for branded content with each passing day, month, and year. Look at the advent of social media. First, it was Facebook, then Twitter burst on the scene, and now Instagram is a hotbed for business marketing. Who knows when or what will be the next trend in digital marketing, but the necessity to present quality content on behalf of your company remains constant. Roofing Webmasters can help you do just that with our internet marketing services.

How Roofing Webmasters is Different

Editors Proofread Roofing WebsiteThere’s plenty of options for internet marketing services, even those that include proofreading, but very few of them specialize in the roofing industry. Our focus on your specific discipline gives us unique insight into your market, its trends, and its areas to target. We’ve been working with contractors in your industry for years, marketing their services online and being quite effective in doing so. Through that process, we’ve accumulated invaluable consumer data to help us instruct each marketing decision made on behalf of our clients.

Proofreading is one of many services we offer at Roofing Webmasters. For content marketing alone, we offer keyword placement, image optimization, brand development, and more. Our services extend beyond content, as we also offer web design, SEO, PPC  and social media advertising, along with several subcategories of each. Our first-hand experience with your target audience, along with the accompanying data to inform analytical decisions, gives us an edge up on other marketing companies who don’t understand the nuances of your industry. Call (800) 353-5758 for content proofreading services.