Content Proofreading for Roofers

Editors Proofread Roofing Website
Website Copy Influences SEO

What separates an average roofing website from a great one? Content quality. The best way to ensure high quality content is to invest in content proofreading from Roofing Webmasters. Google prioritizes websites that provide an optimal user experience through engaging and informative content. Too often however, roofing websites are made up of low quality content that is either scraped from other sources or written without proofreading. Some of the problems that arise in those situations include:

  • Grammatical Mistakes: Subject-verb disagreements, punctuation misapplications, etc.
  • Capitalization: Good copy adheres to standard capitalization rules
  • Structure and Formatting: Copy should be presented in a visually appealing way with bullet points, numbered lists, etc.
  • Voice and Style: Your copy should read to the user as if it were an authoritative source on roofing

Your website is a representation of your roofing company so any mistakes will reflect poorly on your overall brand. Research shows that brand perception directly influences sales and conversions. If your website is full of misspelled words, wrong punctuation, and visually off-putting text, the expectation from readers will be that your roofing services are low quality. Call (800) 353-5758 for content proofreading for roofers.

Roofing Content for Proofreading

Writers Proofread Roofing Content
Proofreading Ensures Professional Presentation

Your website is not the only place that content is distributed under your brand. In fact, in today’s digital marketing landscape, instances of brand content are quite prominent. That’s why proofreading should not be limited to on page copy for your main website. Other platforms in which content should be proofread include:

  • Blog Posts: Though less formal than webpages, blog posts must still be well-written
  • Directory Listings: Google My Business, and similar profiles encourage company descriptions
  • Social Posts: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts should all be professionally written
  • Review Responses: Review responses on websites like Yelp should be proofread

There is no shortage of platforms in which proofreading will become necessary. The important thing is that your company’s brand is perceived as reputable throughout all corners of the world wide web. This will enhance your local SEO, as consumers in your service area will be drawn to a company with good standing in the community.

How Roofing Webmaster is Different

Writers Proofreading Roofer ContentRoofing Webmasters services are not limited to content proofreading. In fact, we will write fresh new content for your website. If you don’t have a website, that’s not a problem either. We offer web design services for contractors across the United States. We are a full service internet marketing company for roofers and can handle any of the marketing and advertising needs you may have.

Our company is different because we work specifically with roofing contractors. Instead of a general marketing firm that must handle multiple industries, we have years of experience focusing on roofing. We know what your target audience is, and what they expect out of a roofing company website. Our team of web designers and SEO experts are ready to take your roofing company marketing to the next level in 2018. Call (800) 353-5758 for roofer content proofreading services.