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This marketing post is for roofing newbs with no money. Embarking on a new business venture can be both exciting & intimidating. There’s the lure of the unknown and its simultaneous threat. Wide-eyed optimists enter the realm expecting to become overnight successes while mild-mannered individuals take a more measured & realistic approach. Regardless of which category you fall into yourself, or perhaps somewhere in between, the one thing you’ll need immediately is a sound and sustainable marketing strategy, specifically as it relates to the digital sphere, a la the internet. At Roofing Webmasters, this podcast wasn’t created to earn new clients (we have a line out the door) but instead to impart our knowledge of what it takes to become a successful roofing contractor in 2019.

No Money, No Problems

Nolen Walker, founder of Roofing Webmasters, started from humble beginnings. He, like those of you reading this post, didn’t have the money to invest in big-time marketing right away. He spent his time mowing lawns & painting curbs to build up enough cash to parlay into a long-term investment. Planting your flag as a digital footprint, albeit a comparatively minuscule one, lays a foundation that you can build on many years later. Something is better than nothing. There’s several reasons why this is the case, but tenure is a major one. Google factors in tenure when assigning trust to a particular brand or entity. Claiming a domain name now (even if it shows a dirt cheap website) is still a step in the right direction for prospective roofers. Here’s what you need:


You need a website and domain name ASAP. Although you can’t expect to succeed on Google organic with a template website, having any website at all is better than not having one. Why? Tenure matters in the eyes of Google. So while you won’t directly benefit from your website today, in terms of lead generation, you will be setting the stage for future endeavors. Remember, you have limited funds, and so you have to make the most of them. You can’t compare yourself to other roofers with massive budgets, because that will only discourage you from trying. The first step, even if it is a baby step, can start a momentous push that will lead to sustainable success. Domains usually cost 9.99. Go for a dot com domain name that has brand relevance.

Google My Business Listing

If you do nothing else with your web presence, make sure you at least claim & optimize your local Google listing. This accounts for both your Google My Business profile & Google Maps address. Every business owner in the world can do this free of charge if they have a legitimate business. Of course, there’s certain steps you have to follow which you can find out here but it’s the simplest way to establish a web presence with no money. Make sure you add company photos to your profile as you take them. As a newb, you may not have many to start, but your GMB can be continuously improved, over and again. Maps addresses must be verified which is most commonly done via postcard mail. Once verified, you can rank on Google Maps.

Google Reviews (And Other Reviews)

Once you’ve claimed & optimized your Google listing, you should pursue as many reviews as possible. Even if you have a dirt cheap website, consumers can find appeal in a GMB listing that has several positive reviews. In fact, when customers start performing branded searches of your company name, they are going to be exposed to an aggregate star rating of all of your Google reviews. But Google is not the only platform on which you should generate reviews. You also want to disseminate them to business directories like Angie’s List, BBB, MapQuest, etc. But perhaps more importantly, you want to get them on Facebook, which serves as a social media platform as well as a top business directory.

Social Media

Speaking of Facebook, social media platforms are free to market on, and present a powerful web entity for roofing newbs with no money. Sure, you can’t advertise on Facebook or Instagram without funds, but you can certainly market yourself on them. With Facebook, it’s mostly about establishing a business page that will show up on Google search results. With Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, you have a chance to generate some organic impressions on the platforms themselves. Facebook no longer empowers brands to to show up on organic feeds, as a way to discourage the clickbait that has plagued the social network over the past decade or so. But you can still use it to your advantage, as a newb roofer with no $.

Transitioning to a Higher Level of Marketing

Once you transition from newb to moderately successful roofer, you should take your earnings and re-allocate them towards superior marketing. The first step will be contacting a professional web designer who can replace your old site with a newly customized one that is coded for SEO. Since your domain will already have tenure at this point, you can leverage its age to hit the ground rounding with your newly designed website. Yes that’s right, you keep the domain that you bought for 9.99 some years ago, but now energize it with a superior design. This creates a perfect storm of digital promotion that one can enjoy the benefits of for years and decades to come. Aside from investing in professional web design, you’ll also want to attend to the following:

  • Content Marketing: High-end content writing that is marketed through premium channels
  • Link Building: Earning high quality inbound links from external domains
  • Multimedia Production: Creating multimedia assets like branded videos and podcasts
  • Paid Advertising: Paid ads on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads

Once you’ve reached the point where these kinds of ventures can be considered, you’ll have the funds to invest in a digital marketing agency much like Roofing Webmasters. Remember, this post is not for people in that position, it is just a reminder to those who want to circle back once they gain that said position. We have been working with roofing contractors for years, and our data supports consistent excellence in the realm of roofer internet marketing. We attend to detail, review the latest algorithmic trends, and constantly look for advantages to put our clients over their competitors on Google organic rankings. We look forward to your journey leading you back to Roofing Webmasters at some point in the future. Until then, keep your focus on building a strong foundation.

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