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LSI Keywords for Roofers (Podcast)

Many Roofing websites engaged in keyword stuffing in the early days of Google, a severely antiquated SEO content technique meant to boost search rankings. The stuffing tactic worked well initially since Google’s algorithm could not yet adequately process language through text. However, in 2021, Google’s algorithm is so far advanced that it can identify keyword stuffing instantly.

Google can enforce its keyword stuffing ban through its increasingly intelligent search algorithm. Nevertheless, the influence of roofing keywords is still significant, especially in title and header tags. However, ranking well on Google now requires modern keyword strategies, particularly synonyms and LSI keywords.

What is LSI?

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is an information retrieving methodology speculated to be utilized by Google’s algorithm. The method focuses on relationships and patterns between terms.

What is an LSI Keyword?

Regarding SEO, an LSI keyword relates to the primary term without replicating it. For example, it might be a synonym, or it might be a term that is closely associated with substantial groupings of data. Tools like LSI Graph track that data and produce lists of LSI keywords based on a primary word.

LSI Keywords & Roofing Web Content

Roofers might wonder why they should care about LSI keywords. If you rank #1 for your primary keywords, then you probably shouldn’t care. After all, the bottom line is what matters to most. But the reality is that most people reading this aren’t ranking #1, and probably not ranking #2, #3, or even #4. That’s why they are looking for tips to improve their SEO which will eventually increase lead generation. 

LSI keywords can enhance your content and help you rank higher on Google search results. The result will be a more consistent lead acquisition and a more significant presence on organic search results. In addition, roofers who take their content seriously can make gains in ranking positions. 

Unfortunately, as we noted, many roofing websites continue to exhibit low-quality content and engage in keyword stuffing. You can separate yourself from competitors by having more diversely written content with more logical language. Not only does this signal to Google that your content deserves special consideration, but it makes for a better reading experience for the user.

LSI Keywords Graphic

The Death of Keyword Stuffing

The emergence of LSI keywords renders keyword stuffing useless. While you still want one instance of the primary term in the body content and the title, header, and meta description, you don’t need to use it much in writing itself. Therefore, Google publically discourages the keyword stuffing tactic, and roofing companies should avoid it without hesitation.

You can use a primary term several times if warranted, but you should never approach even ten instances. Unnatural keyword insertions create a negative user experience. Not only can you lose rankings from this action in of itself, but you can further lose ranking based on users’ reactions. After all, they are Google’s clients, and how they behave on your website remains the most significant indicator of your site’s value.

Diverse, Cohesive, & Informative Content

LSI keywords indicate a more extensive effort from a website and its writers. It shows that content on your roofing website is diverse and cohesive, which is ultimately what Google, and most importantly, its users, want. Instead of a page that only sells the service, a page that informs the consumer why this service is right for them, how it relates to their current problem, and how they can rectify the situation efficiently holds far greater value. 

We understand that roofing websites exist for the contractor to make sales, but Google’s duty is to its users, and users will always prefer the more engaging content. It would be one thing if none of your competitors were improving their content, but that is not the case. We’re seeing roofers that invest in their content writing ascending on search rankings, while those who remain stagnant in their old-school ways are losing ground.

Roofing Webmasters Can Help With LSI Keywords

Depending on local competition, poor keyword usage may prevent your website from ranking. Content is one piece of the SEO puzzle, but Google values it more than ever. Content works best when accompanied by custom web design, clean coding, local maps placemen. 

Keep in mind also that Google’s algorithm continues to evolve as we speak here today. What worked ten years ago no longer works today. The key is to view marketing as a fluid process that roofing companies must adapt to continually. Of course, it helps to have a digital marketing company like Roofing Webmasters on your side to help you get there.

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