Choosing a Roofing Company Domain Name

As a roofing company looking to market your service online, you’ll need a professional roofing website design and a domain name. Sometimes, roofing companies overlook the importance of choosing the right domain name for their website. It can actually make a monumental difference in how efficiently and effectively your website is marketed to the consumers it must reach for customer acquisition. A good roofing company domain name is:

Choosing a Roofing Company Domain Name



Every good domain name for roofers incorporates the company brand. This means implementing your business name, or an abbreviation of it, within the domain name itself. It is important to note that not all domain names are available. Your company name might already have been claimed by someone with the same name in a different industry and location. In cases like that, you must get creative with abbreviations and the adding of additional words, sometimes known as long-tail keywords.


Think about the places your domain name is going to be listed on. Business directories like Google My Business, social media networks like Facebook, business cards, email signatures, etc. In each chase, you want your domain name to be concise, easily readable, and easy to remember and type. People aren’t going to remember something very long and in-depth, they would rather see short and simple, and recall it easily through their memory.

Dot Com

One of the major mistakes roofing companies make when choosing a domain name is picking a suffix besides dot com. They might pick, dot net, dot info, or dot org (which is ok in some cases). But for the purposes of local roofing companies, dot com’s are a must-have. Studies suggest that they are better for SEO and that 75% of all links go back to dot com domains. The field might be more limited, and you might have to get more creative, but anything other than a dot com suffix is not an option for local roofers.

The #1 Roofing Company for Domain Names

At Roofing Webmasters, we offer domain name registration for roofing contractors throughout the United States. We will discuss your options, in-depth so that we can make a mutual decision that you will be happy with, and will work well for SEO purposes. We have been working with contractors in the roofing business for years, and know exactly what it takes to get them ranking on the top of Google search engine results pages (SERPs)