Marketing for Conklin Dealers | Roofing SEO Podcast

Roofing Webmasters’ owner Nolen Walker trained as a Conklin Dealer to better understand the industry he serves. As a full digital marketing agency for roofers, Nolen took it upon himself to learn the intricacies of commercial roofing. With over 100 roofing clients already on board, our agency is considered the top authority in roofing SEO throughout the nation. We work with both residential and commercial contractors, but in today’s podcast episode we are going to discuss marketing for Conklin Dealers which applies to commercial roofers in particular. We have created successful websites for Conklin Dealers, including those that optimize State-wide and for a variety of high-ROI keyword terms. As you know, certain commercial jobs can be a jackpot.

How Many Companies Do Great SEO Work?

Before diving into the specifics of marketing for a Conklin Dealer, we should ask commercial roofers across the nation, how many web companies do you believe can do SEO work? There’s about 100,000 SEO companies across the country. We know of 3 total who can even do the work it takes to optimize a commercial roofing website. That is 3 out of 100,000, equaling a percentage of less than 1. Now there are plenty who can throw up a website as a glorified hosting fee, but without it optimizing, that website becomes mostly a placeholder that fails to return on investment.

How Many Focus on Specifics?

Even the SEO marketers who are able to do the work and optimize your commercial roofing website don’t have the focus of understanding that Roofing Webmasters does regarding specific commercial roofing terminology like acrylic coatings and PUMA XL? What about the bidding process that returns massive ROI for contractors? At Roofing Webmasters, we understand all of this and to a greater degree than literally any other digital marketing firm on the planet. If you are a Conklin Dealer looking to generate leads State-wide, there’s no greater partnership than the one offered through Roofing Webmasters.

Optimizing for Very Specific Terms

You might only get 20 calls per year for a specific niche keyword like cool roofing but those 20 calls can return an incredible ROI. This is especially true when your site is optimizing State-wide. We target hundreds of keywords which will combine to rank your website for terms that no other websites target collectively. Because commercial jobs are so valuable, the search volume of a given keyword isn’t as important as it would be in perhaps a residential marketing campaign. Our methodology is to target every commercial niche to get your company more jobs.

The Conklin Roofing System

Conklin has been a champion for commercial roofing products for the better part of 40 full years. Conklin roofing systems are done superior to most. When properly installed they protect commercial buildings against UV rays, energy use, and degradation. Conklin Dealers tend to perform better online once optimized. In other words, if you can get people to your website, converting them becomes easier than it otherwise would be. TPO roofs are generally failing all over the nation because there are seams all over it. Coatings from Conklin really provide value to the customer and therefore are a great marketing engine to drive your commercial company. Visit Conklin’s Official Website to learn more about how to become a distributor.