How Google Assistant Will Impact Roofers

An estimated 41% of U.S. adults use voice search daily, according to reports. Just as roofing companies were getting used to Local SEO and mobile optimization, yet another technological wrinkle emerges. Voice technology is not going anywhere either. The convenience of using voice commands to produce information on the spot is something everyone can utilize. With that in mind, as this phenomenon becomes more mainstream, a larger portion of the public will rely on it for search. But what will new voice technology products like Google Assistant and Amazon Echo mean for roofing contractors?

Voice search presents a new way to generate leads for your roofing company. Just as search engine optimization adapted to fit the mobile surge, it will have to do so again to account for voice recognition. Many of the same SEO practices remain important, but extra special attention will have to be paid to citation sources and company reviews. There has never been more access to business information than there is today, and it keeps getting easier to distribute with each new advancement in technology.

Google Assistant Local Lead Generation

Google’s voice recognition tool; Google Assistant now offers local lead generation after partnering with services like HomeAdvisor and Porch. Consumers will be able to say “Ok, Google, find me a roofer” and be prompted to communicate additional details like “my shingles are damaged” or “my roof is leaking”. From there, the assistant will connect you with their best choice of a roofer, or produce a list of reputable roofers for you to choose from. Roofing companies should account for this new technology by practicing the following SEO techniques:

  • Customer Review Management: Since Google will produce reputable roofing options, you must ensure your reputation is intact with positive reviews across multiple platforms
  • Directory Listing Optimization: Making sure your company is listed on local directories will be more important than ever, as will the accuracy and consistency of your contact information
  • Service Categorization: It will be critical to properly categorize your services, both on your website, and local directories so that you can be matched with relevant consumers

Though Amazon Echo is still considered the most popular home voice recognition hardware, it does not currently offer a version of this lead generation feature. For that reason, Google Assistant may begin to increase in popularity and potentially overtake Echo as the #1 product on the market. It is also possible that Amazon Echo soon develops a similar feature for home service lead generation, and roofing companies must stay prepared to account for any additional features on the horizon.

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