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Do you ever worry about what shows up when people search your company in Google? While there are all kinds of results that benefit your brand, it pays to pay close attention to local search results! In today’s podcast, Nolen and Jason discuss these topics and other aspects of your Google Homepage. If you’ve struggled with low traffic or poor reviews, be sure to listen in.

Helpful Tips on Google Homepages

  • Regular GMB (Google My Business) updates make your site more valuable to Google.
  • Make sure you create enough content that other people aren’t controlling what’s said about your company and brand.
  • Avoid concentrated negative feedback by consistently asking for reviews.

What is a Google Homepage?

We all know what a search engine results page (or SERP) looks like. It’s a short roster of listings, paid or organic, that pertain to a given search query. If a consumer wants to learn more about “roofing contractors in dallas”, Google Search provides a number of quality resources that offer the best information (to its knowledge).

When a potential customer searches your company name/brand however, the result that pops up is what’s known as your Google Homepage. On the right hand side, you’ll see a knowledge graph that contains crucial information about your company, including contact information. The listings on the rest of the screen may arise from many sources, such as:

  • Your Company Website
  • Your Most Popular Published Articles
  • Social Media Posts or Profiles
  • Citation Companies (Yelp, BBB, etc.)
  • Listicle Articles (“Best Roofers in Dallas” if you’re lucky!)
  • Listings from Lead Sellers (like Homeadvisor)

The sum of all these listings and features is your Google Homepage. From this homepage, consumers and/or commercial prospects will build a perception of your business. That’s why it’s essential that you control what shows up when people search your name!

Let’s break down the homepage a little bit.

The Webmasters Google Homepage
Here’s the Roofing Webmasters Google Homepage, With the Knowledge Graph on the Right Side.

The Knowledge Graph

Think of the knowledge graph as a hub where people can access info on your company without ever stopping on your website. There’s a wealth of contact and location-based information. Potential customers can even contact your team directly from the knowledge graph by phone call or instant messaging. For those needing directions to your office or your website, the Google Homepage feature also provides convenient buttons that link directly to maps and your homepage.

Those are just a handful of the features housed in the knowledge graph.


Frequently Asked Questions


The FAQ Section of a Knowledge Graph
Be Sure to Check Back Regularly for Client Questions.

Did you know that your knowledge graph contains a section for direct questions to your business? This handy feature allows local consumers to interact with your business almost directly, learning handy tidbits and history about your brand. While anyone can post answers to these questions, this feature offers one amazing opportunity.

You can post questions to your own FAQ, then answer them! 

Think of some of the most popular topics people bring up about your company. You can proactively answer questions about your roofing team’s services, your experience, and your warranties. This might encourage someone to investigate your services further, or even prompt a call directly from the Google Homepage!

GMB Posts

Google My Business Posts

GMB Posts on the Google Homepage
Note the Post Calls to Action.

Businesses can also use their GMB accounts to create posts within the knowledge graph. You can use these posts to further promote your latest blog articles, show off ongoing promotions, or even introduce members of your team. There’s only one catch: posts disappear off the knowledge graph after seven days. Consumers can still access them, but they won’t be visible after that period.

If you want to get the most out of the GMB posts, try posting at least once a week. 

You can further improve their functionality by adding pre-programmed calls to action at the bottom of each post. “Learn more” is perfect for segueing into a blog article, while “Call now” is a great option for encouraging impulse calls. Experiment to see what sort of formatting works with your audience!

How to Enhance Your Google Homepage

Want to take back control of your Google Homepage? Start by reviewing all the materials that Google likes to see for your business. You can start creating positive mentions of your brand through various channels.

Great Listings for Your Google Homepage

  • Better Business Bureau profiles and reviews
  • Facebook Business profiles and recommendations
  • Yelp listings and other citation sources
  • Your company website
  • Popular blog articles from your team
  • Entries in “Top X Roofers” articles
Examples of Top X Articles
“Top X” Articles are Great Publicity for Your Brand!

Any of these listings look amazing for your brand. What you don’t want is negative social media posts showing up because your company hasn’t been active online! It’s not the end of the world if that happens, but you’ll need to get busy if you want to improve your reputation.

Steps to Improve Your Company Image

Take an active stance on updating your Google My Business account. Start posting on a regular basis, and take some time to upload some quality photos of your work and staff! These create a more personable feeling for your brand, and they look great in the knowledge graph. Be sure to create that FAQ we talked about earlier too.

Next, you’ll want to get start regularly posting blog articles each month. “How To” posts are powerful fuel for website traffic, and you can tackle some pressing homeowner issues. Smart contractors can make these posts travel farther by sharing them in social media.

Finally, be sure your company has been listed in all the popular citation companies. The BBB, Yelp, and Manta are all great listing companies for roofing contractors. This will make it easier to collect reviews from all your happy fans as you complete your projects!

Get Your Roofing Webmasters Support!

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