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Videos Will Account For 80% Of Internet Traffic By 2020

If your website doesn’t include video content, the time to change that is now. By 2020, online videos will account for an estimated 80% of all consumer internet traffic. That number is astounding and its implications will be substantial, if not downright altering. Roofing Webmasters can help you integrate video content on your company website. Advantages to video web content include:

  • Conversion: Video content can help convert a visitor into a customer
  • Engagement: Video is proven to engage users at a higher rate than text, and even images
  • Link Building: Integrating YouTube videos within HTML helps build quality backlinks
  • SEO: Video content ranks high on search results for certain keywords

It’s hard to think of a downside to applying videos to your roofing company website. Engaged visitors improve website metrics, increase conversions, and promote engagement. As is the case with any form of content, the better your videos are, the more influence they will have over the qualities we mentioned above. If there is a downside, grainy, low-quality videos can make your company seem amateur by association. Call (800) 353-5758 for roofer video content management.

Merging YouTube With Your Roofing Website

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Embedding YouTube HTML Speeds Up Pages

There are several ways to host video content on your website. You can do it natively, directly on your server, or you can host on YouTube and simply embed the corresponding code within your site’s HTML. The former takes up coveted space on your server and can actually slow down page loading times. The latter is much simpler, and more intuitive and user-friendly. It also promotes growth on multiple platforms. Follow the steps below to embed YouTube clips within your website.

    1. Step 1: Navigate To Your YouTube Video
    2. Step 2: Click On “Share”
    3. Step 3: Click On “Embed”
    4. Step 4: Copy HTML Code
    5. Step 5: Paste HTML Code Within Your Website

This process is considerably easier when using WordPress as your content management system. WordPress supports widgets in which HTML code can be pasted, and placed anywhere on your page layout. The best option is to invest in professional web design so that you can ensure a clean and effective merger of YouTube videos within your website HTML. Roofing Webmasters is the design team for the job and is ready and willing to help you get started ASAP.

Producing Video Content For Roofers

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Users Are More Engaged By Visuals Than Talking

As we mentioned above, a video’s quality helps determine the influence of its content. Low quality videos make your company look cheap and amateur, while high quality videos will have the opposite impact. Most smartphones record HQ video in 2018. The trick is getting the accompanying audio to match the video quality. The best course of action is to purchase a condenser microphone that you can attach to your mobile device. These products are somewhat inexpensive, and will allow you to record professional sounding audio.

As far as the topics of your videos — it’s all about access and visuals. Consumers don’t want to be told about your services, they want to be shown. Before and after shots of roofing jobs can really capture a user’s attention, particularly when in video form. Taking them through the process of a roof installation, condensed with video editing, can influence conversion rates and increase engagement. For roofer video content management, give us a call today at (800) 353-5758.