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How To Name Your Roofing Company (Ideas, Tips, and More)

If you are starting your own roofing company, you will need a good business name. Of course, you will consider factors like your ideals, values, region, and unique services, but you also have to think about marketing and SEO.

In today’s Roofing SEO podcast, Nolen and Jason discuss choosing perfect roofing company names that will rank on Google and convert sales.

Choosing a Good Roofing Company Name

Credibility and expertise are two qualities you want to be reflected in your roofing company name. However, you must also consider SEO and conversions. Google looks at user intent for all organic searches so that any roofing consumer will see companies with roofing in their name.

Make Sure Roofing is in The Name

Many companies use terms like exteriors, design, or excavation in place of roofing, which will limit your impressions, clicks, and leads. Moreover, in the rare cases where Google users find your website, they are less likely to convert with such ambiguous names. The benefit of roofing in your company name applies to organic search results and Google Maps.

Make Sure The Name is Topically Relevant

Having roofing in your company name is part of a more significant phenomenon called topical relevance. When you have roofing in your name, not only is your brand name more likely to show up (i.e., your homepage and Google Business Profile), but your interior pages (service and city pages) are also more likely to show up on page one. 

Make Sure The Name is Brandable

When contractors learn that a topically relevant name can help them gain more clicks and traffic, they start to think about exact match domains. Unfortunately, while a domain name like roofernearme.com might show up well on search results, it’s not going to convert as well as a branded title. 

Striking a balance between relevance and brand is difficult, but you must do it. For example, a company name like H-Town Roofing will work better than simply Houston Roofing. The less formal terminology will make it a brand rather than a spam-like company looking to capture leads.

Consider a Regional Name

One pro tip to further increase visibility and conversions is adding regional relevance to your company name. However, this method is not as critical as the others; many roofing companies rank very well without this step. 

Still, if you can add regional relevance, such as H-Town for Houston, or South Beach for Miami, you can get some local SEO signals and increase conversions. One caveat is to avoid exact match names like Miami Roofing.

Roofing Company Name Ideas

  • Heroic Roofing Houston
  • Carmel Roofing Co.
  • Upgrade Roofing Group
  • Footprint Roofing Co.
  • Glacier Roofing IL
  • Click Roofing Group
  • CT Roofing Team
  • Aspect Roofing Co.
  • BlueWater Roofing Group
  • Rise Roofing Team
  • Roofing Guard LLC
  • H-Town Roofing & Construction
  • D-Town Roofing Group
  • South Beach Roofing Co.
  • Denver Roofing Group LLC
  • Springleaf Roofing 
  • DoubleDown Roofing Co.

What Are The Best Roofing Company Names?

Although the strategies we’ve outlined in this podcast are extremely valuable, the quality of your services ultimately determines your name’s reach. You can have the most relevant and catchy title, and it won’t matter if you have inadequate services and a bad reputation. 

As a result, the best roofing business names are those that incorporate topical relevance, brandability, and region while also performing excellent services. If you can translate your success through Google Reviews and a robust website, you can truly dominate your local roofing market.

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