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Beware of Lead Generation Sites for Roofers (Podcast)

Roofing Webmasters has been marketing for contractors for about a decade, and we’ve heard everything there is to hear about lead generation sites for roofers. Sure, we offer our clients the option to buy roofing leads, but we are not a lead generation site by definition. Here’s why: lead generation sites (with some exceptions) leave a lot to be desired and frequently end up costing companies out of their hard-earned dollars. Here are some of the main problems with lead generation websites, specifically those that deal with local contractors and companies:

Shared Leads

Many lead gen services sell the lead to 5 different contractors or companies, meaning the lead is “shared” and exponentially more difficult to convert. For a lead to hold real value, it has to be known as an exclusive lead. An exclusive lead is sold to only one company. The chances of converting an exclusive lead are much more significant, which should surprise no one. The problem is that many services don’t clarify the types of lead they are selling. Younger roofers go in wide-eyed, expecting these leads to significant dividends, and end up being disappointed when they find out what they entail.

Low-Quality Leads

Another issue common to roofers who invest in lead generation sites is the absence of quality from the leads. Some of them are so porous that calling them “leads” is a stretch. For example, if you run a commercial roofing company, and you get a prospect who’s looking only for residential repairs, you’re fresh out of luck. You never had any chance of converting them, so categorizing them as a lead seems foolish and becomes a sunk cost if registered as one by the service. Sometimes the lead is not even in the wrong category; it’s in the wrong industry. For example, someone looking for air duct cleaning should not be considered a lead for a roofer, let alone a quality one.

Programmed Automation

Why do so many low-quality, irrelevant “leads” come through these services? Because most use programmed automation to screen for leads. They assume that any phone call or form submission is a lead for your company. And good luck trying to get your money back once you do. For some of these platforms, refunds are a grueling process and one that can drain a roofer’s energy from more important tasks. We know this because we have hundreds of clients who’ve dealt with these kinds of services.

Shopping Platforms

Some lead gen sites that sell exclusive leads use a platform that encourages multiple companies to compete for the same lead. While they aren’t technically selling a lead to various contractors or companies, they are using a lead shopping platform that empowers the prospective roofing client to shop for multiple options and make numerous calls. It’s essential to understand this distinction when evaluating the service. They haven’t shared leads, but they also aren’t offering exclusive ones. It can be a confusing equation to solve for roofing businesses throughout the United States.

Repackaged Pay Per Click

Some lead gen sellers are nothing more than repackaged PPC services salesman. When people talk about “leads for roofers,” particularly on Facebook and other social media platforms, they often mean clicks from paid advertising. They often cite the process of funneling the click and producing a lead, but it’s just a bunch of words in sequence that sounds different than what you already know it to be. That’s not to say that PPC for roofers is ineffective, but let’s define how it is intended to be portrayed. Utilizing Google Ads and Facebook Ads is a suitable marketing method. Don’t be fooled by a sales pitch that makes the two services seem ambiguous.

Wire Transfer Leads

You should never, under any circumstances, wire money to a lead gen seller. You may have heard about lead gen services that call areas impacted by hail storms and try to get leads because of the increased demand for roofers. While this sometimes works, if they ask for a wire transfer upfront, you should avoid it at all costs. They will entice you with the idea of cheap leads in a high-demand location. You can’t take the bait in situations like these. There’s no way to get your money back once you commit to a wire transfer. With other forms of payment, you would have a chance for a refund. Not to mention, they are much safer.

The Roofing Leads Solution

The most effective way to acquire exclusive leads for your roofing business is through organic SEO. Leads that come through organic channels are inherently exclusive and are almost always higher in quality. Google Search, Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, and other kinds of organic platforms will create the types of prospective roofing clients that you covet most. The question for most contractors is; how do we pay for leads only? Well, the answer is Pay Per Lead from Roofing Webmasters. We provide SEO services for roofing leads but don’t charge you for the process, but instead, only the results. Here are some of the main channels through which leads can come through when utilizing our PPL service agreement for roofers:

  • Organic Search
  • Google Maps
  • Social Media
  • Reviews (Google + Facebook)
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