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Google Maps Rankings for Roofers

Roofers can benefit from ranking on Google Maps, especially in the Local 3 Pack, which is the top 3 Maps results and are displayed prominently on a Google SERP. Members of Roofing Webmasters recently attended an SEO conference where someone in the audience asked why[Read the Full Article]

Video Marketing for Roofers

If you want more roofing leads, you have to do more online. Most contractors know about SEO for roofers, but one undervalued aspect of optimization is video marketing. Roofing Webmasters provides video production & editing services and implements it into our SEO strategy. So what[Read the Full Article]

How To Get Into Commercial Roofing (Episode #5)

  How To Start a Commercial Roofing Company Most roofing contractors focus primarily on the residential roofing industry but 95% of them would like to expand to more commercial projects if possible. Sometimes residential roofers will get a commercial job here and there, and enjoy[Read the Full Article]

Posted: | Updated: Nov 8, 2018 | Categories: Podcast

SEO for Roofing Companies Doesn’t Work (Episode #4)

Organic Isn’t Dead 76% of consumers still prioritize organic search results. The idea that SEO for roofing contractors doesn’t work, is a myth. Still, lots of misinformation exists about the viability of roofing SEO. Some believe paid advertising has completely taken over (stats don’t support[Read the Full Article]

Posted: | Updated: Nov 6, 2018 | Categories: Podcast

Piss & Vinegar (Episode #3) Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

Posted: | Updated: Oct 24, 2018 | Categories: Podcast

PPL Vs Nothing Vs Ego Vs Logic (Episode #2)

 Most roofers have an “off-season” because of weather changes, and this hiatus can last quite a while depending on the region of your business. Conventional wisdom states that for the months during the hiatus, online marketing becomes a useless effort. This couldn’t be further[Read the Full Article]

Posted: | Updated: Mar 15, 2019 | Categories: Podcast

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