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How To Keep From Being Screwed By Roofer Marketing Companies

Getting screwed by roofing SEO companies is par for the course in 2020. The amount of disingenuous marketing “experts” has reached its peak. The sad part is that hard-working roofing contractors get hosed by whizkid marketers with bad intentions. Aside from the simple fact that roofing marketing costs too much in today’s market, the actual services are also garbage. From template websites to the PPC shelltrick, marketers are getting away with everything. Roofing SEO Webmasters has made it our focus to counteract this trend by providing affordable roofing services with strategies that actually work. We help roofers rank on Google ethically. Take a listen:

Learning for Bad Marketing Experiences

At Roofing SEO Webmasters, we understand the frustration of roofing contractors. We actually were in the service industry ourselves back in the early 2000s and got screwed around by some hack marketers who hosed us out of thousands of dollars. That’s when we decided to do digital marketing ourselves and eventually converted it into a full-time business. So unlike most marketing companies, we actually empathize with the client. We’ve been on their side of the spectrum and understand what getting screwed looks like in the world of digital marketing. We’ve made it our pledge to not screw roofing contractors who need proper web work.

SEO “Experts” Are Often Novices

The problem with buying roofing SEO services is that many so-called marketing experts are actually novices. They bought a social media marketing cost for $297 after getting remarketed to on YouTube and Instagram. They think now because they took a course from an individual who is not even an expert themselves, that they can now provide a competent service to clients. Furthermore, their focus on social media won’t help them provide SEO as it is meant to be. Social media can help SEO through signals, but it is not the foundation of SEO which involves more hands-on practices that require real training and experience.

Don’t Trust Marketers Who Can’t Say No

Another problem with hack marketers is that they don’t say no to any request. If a roofer comes to us and asks us to perform black-hat SEO we tell them that we don’t do that. First of all, it doesn’t work and secondly, we aren’t going to perform a service that we have no experience with. Many of these marketing gurus will attempt to do anything you ask of them, and will then do it poorly. Worst of all, they are likely to get your website or GMB penalized by Google, further draining your bank account in addition to the overpriced yearly contract that gamed you into signing. Don’t fall for it. Always do your homework before signing a contract.

How to Spot a Marketing Scammer

We talked a little about the signs of a bad marketing service but there are other tell-tale signs to look for as well. First, does the company or individual have a website? If so, does their website look professional? Is there a company name, address, and phone number? What do their rankings look like? If they can’t even rank on the first page for relevant keyword terms, what makes you think they are going to be able to rank your website? If you find someone on YouTube, make sure their success translates to organic SEO. You can’t simply apply a YouTube SEO strategy to Google since they are two entirely different algorithms. Let’s consider some red flags:

No Website or Cheap Website

Once you know the name of your marketing company, perform a search for them on Google. If nothing comes up, there’s a high chance that you’ve been scammed. If something does come up, check out the website. Look over the design and content, and decide if it looks professional. If it does, make sure you search for keywords related to their business. If they don’t rank for their target keyword terms, it’s unlikely they will be able to help you rank.

Yearly Contract Proposals

If you are negotiating with a marketing company, and they bring up a yearly contract, try to avoid signing it. The reality is that any marketing expert who needs a year to prove their worth is worried that they won’t be able to deliver. In 2020, SEO should be executed within 3-months and results should be evident in a maximum of 6 months. The best contracts are month to month so that the company is held accountable every 4 weeks.

Lack of Existing Clients

There’s no shame in giving an up and comer a fair shake, but you should always be aware of how few clients a so-called expert has. There’s no expert with 0 clients. If they call themselves a professional, it is expected that they have a minimum of 15 clients. At Roofing SEO Webmasters, we have over 250 clients. We can show our prospects existing websites that rank for relevant keywords which helps them feel comfortable using our services.

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