2018 Facebook Algorithm Update for Roofers

Your content is only as good as its reach. This is as true for your social media marketing as it is for your company website. Just like effective SEO considers Google Algorithm updates while optimizing a website for search results, proper Facebook marketing should take the social platforms’ own algorithm into account.

Facebook recently announced major changes to its algorithm, and it is bad news for business pages. Due to community feedback, Facebook will return to its original philosophy of highlighting friends and family in news feeds. While this severely limits the impact of your roofing company business page, there are steps you can take to maximize your chances of appearing in news feeds with this algorithm. They are:

Invest in Facebook Advertising

Free marketing has all but disappeared in the latest algorithm update. To guarantee sets of eyes on your roofing company brand, consider investing in Facebook Advertising. This way you can appear on advertising space in between family photos and friendly group messages. For roofing companies, this is the most effective way to reach Facebook users in 2018. Two million people use Facebook every month, which is bound to include future customers.

Make Sure Your Website is Optimized

At the very least, your Facebook Business Page can still be indexed by Google and serve as an additional channel to attract customers. With that said, you should make sure your website is fully optimized so that Facebook can serve as a funnel to it. This strategy also helps create the best presentation when you upload links to specific web pages on your Facebook page. Pay special attention to header tags, title tags, and meta descriptions.

Share Valuable Content (No Spam)

It just got a lot more difficult for branded content to appear on news feeds. Why? Because people are sick of reading top 10 lists about irrelevant celebrities. By the same token, nobody wants to see a headline that says “A Roof That Can Withstand Tornadoes With Ease”. Anything that manipulates the user into clicking on the link (clickbait) is discouraged by the new Facebook algorithm update. From this point forward, only share content that will actually help your followers.

Upload Videos Directly to Facebook

Many times, company pages will post YouTube links that appear as videos on Facebook. With the new algorithm update, it is especially important to upload the video directly to Facebook. Special consideration will be paid to “Live” videos, which can consist of question and answer sessions that engage your audience. It is one of the few avenues left for business pages on Facebook.