Video Marketing for Roofers (Podcast)

What is Roofing Video Marketing?

Video marketing for roofers is the act of using video content to market or promote your roofing company’s service, brand, or product. In 2021, YouTube is the most prominent video marketing platform though roofers can also self-host videos on their website and distribute them to various other channels.

Publishing Roofing Company Videos Online

Recording a video with your smartphone or camera device is easier than ever before in 2021. Most contractors have video cameras on their phones, allowing them to produce videos of their team on the job and in the office. But once you record videos on your device, where can you publish them for promotional purposes?

Roofing Video Organic Screenshot


The largest video platform in the world is YouTube. It also happens to be owned by Google and, therefore, tied directly into their search results. When someone types in a phrase like how to get into commercial roofing, you’ll notice that our video of the same name is displayed on page one of organic search results:

You can do the same for your website if you’re willing to create video content.


Another great platform for video is Facebook. Like YouTube, Facebook has a native video upload, so that you can upload the file directly to the Facebook servers and publish it on your business page. It’s good to diversify your video files, but it’s also good to share them. In other words, if you already have the video uploaded on YouTube, sharing it on Facebook could help it get more views. You might select a different video as a Facebook exclusive.


You can cut your video into 15-second clips and upload them on Instagram. 15 seconds is the maximum length, so they can also be shorter if necessary. While you shouldn’t expect a video about roofing services to go viral on a platform populated primarily by sensationalists, it does help your social media signals. It can have an overall positive influence on your site.

Website (Self-Hosted)

Roofing companies can publish self-hosted videos directly on their website. WordPress makes this easy with their media upload feature and allows web admins to embed the video files wherever appropriate throughout the site. Be careful about overloading your website with video files, however, since it can potentially slow down your website’s loading time and negatively influence user experience. 

The Video Marketing Process for Roofers

For companies, it helps to know precisely how video marketing occurs from start to finish. While some roofers naturally understand modern technology, others need help with the step-by-step process. Roofing Webmasters can help you outline the entire video marketing sequence.


For roofers with no videos, we have a production set inside of our offices. We invite you to come down and cut a video, and maybe even a podcast, and allow us to distribute them through all the appropriate channels. Distribution helps build more media signals for your roofing company and increase your Google brand’s visibility, which should help boost search rankings.


If you have existing videos, including drone shots, we will chop up your video and distribute it through multiple channels, including YouTube and other social media. We will then integrate it onto your website. We have a video specialist in-house who will ensure that your video is edited professionally and appeal to customers who visit your social media and website.

Website Integration

The trick to video marketing is integrating it into your SEO strategy. We do this by taking your YouTube video and embedding it on a relevant page or blog post on your website. We then write original content that describes the video. Note, this is NOT a transcription, but rather a summary of the video. Summaries make for an excellent content enhancer that should appeal to Google and its users.