Roofing Blog Posts

As a roofing contractor, you might be wondering whether blogging is helpful to your SEO strategy. The answer is yes. Blog posts are an inexpensive channel to market your roofing company, drive traffic to your website, and enhance search visibility. Regular blogging keeps fresh content circulating on your website, encouraging Google to crawl and index additional pages while maintaining relevance within the industry blogosphere. Consistent blog posts offer the following advantages to roofers:

  • Branding: Establish your business within the roofing industry
  • Content Marketing: Target long-tail keywords with lower competition
  • Search Optimization: Drive traffic to your website via posts
  • Shareability: Earn backlinks and social shares with engaging blog posts

If you are unfamiliar with the internet marketing world, you may not even know what constitutes a blog post. Depending on your content management system, blogs can either be internal (part of your main website) or external (exclusive from your main website). At Roofing Webmasters, each of our client websites comes with WordPress CMS, which allows for internal blogging, a concept we recommend because of its additional SEO benefits. 

Roofing Blog Post Examples

The primary question we receive from contractors is, “what should roofers blog about?”. It’s a fair question, but one we are happy to answer. When people think about blogs, they often associate them with material that garners clicks from a mass audience. That doesn’t have to be the case with roofing companies. Google indexes blog posts like they do any other page, so targeting the right users with information relevant to them will benefit your website’s overall health and endear you to Google. Some blog post ideas for roofers include:

  • 5 Reasons To Schedule Regular Roofing Maintenance
  • 10 Signs of a Serious Roof Leak
  • Roof Replacement vs. Roof Restoration
  • Selecting a Reputable Roofing Contractor

These kinds of posts may not be the “clickbait” you find on Facebook when scrolling through your timeline, but they can meet the need of a specific user who is curious about one of the topics listed above. Satisfying the user’s intent on a search engine is one of the best ways to pull them into your sales funnel. But we know what you’re thinking. Blog posts are also supposed to go viral and inspire clicks on social media. While that is ideal, roofers must also be realistic. You cannot create outlandish and misleading headlines to get clicks. It will end up hurting your SEO effort more than helping it.

Roofing Blog Post Example

Regular Website Activity

At Roofing Webmasters, we post monthly blogs to each of our clients’ websites to keep fresh content circulating on the web. Freshness notifies Google bots that your website requires further indexing and also establishes your website as active. Our goal with each post is to enhance the value and health of your roofing company website. Our informative, professionally written posts may generate some exclusive roofing leads for your business too. That’s why we employ seasoned writers to craft readable material and the industry’s top designers to present it in an aesthetically pleasing manner. We aim to make each post:

  • Interactive: Engage the audience by encouraging them to contribute through comments, shares, etc.
  • Linkable: Can be linked on other websites, which earns SEO
  • Relevant: Relate to the roofing industry in some way
  • Topical: Highlight a particular topic like “residential shingles.”

It’s not only search engines that prefer an active website, but it’s also visitors. WordPress CMS allows recent posts to appear on page sidebars so that visitors can click on titles that catch their eye. Fresh content engages readers at a more informal level than a traditional web page. As a result, engagement increases, bounce rates decrease, and conversion rates improve. The success of blog posts depends on subsequent marketing practices, including distribution through various social media channels.

Managing Your Blog as a Roofing Contractor

At Roofing Webmasters, our roofing SEO company offers blog post management as an optional part of our internet marketing services. In addition to monthly blog posts, you will receive a custom-designed website, optimized for search, and marketed via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We also perform online citation cleanup for your business to ensure the maximization of local SEO. Managing a blog while running a full-time roofing operation is no easy task. That’s why it’s best to delegate that responsibility to us. We have a staff of professional writers who are thoroughly trained in the best SEO practices and briefed on the latest roofing industry trends.

While you’re working hard on your roofing business, we will be marketing those efforts via blog posts. As your internet marketing strategy begins to take effect, you will notice an increase in website traffic, and subsequently, a spike in customers. As more jobs flow in, we will continue to blog simultaneously, encouraging sustainable customer growth for our partnership duration and possibly even beyond it. We’ve seen blog posts written years in advance create massive traffic spikes because of an event or weather cycle affecting a local area.