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Roofer Door Knocking: Door to Door Marketing Tips (Podcast)

Many roofing companies look at door-knocking as an obsolete strategy in 2022. However, at Roofing Webmasters, our position is that door-knocking is a helpful marketing strategy that contributes to other promotional efforts.

In today’s Roofing SEO Podcast, Nolen and Jason discuss the benefits of the door to door sales for roofing companies, along with the best door-to-door marketing tips and strategies to maximize your sales.

Creating a Brand

Creating a brand is the most beneficial thing for your roofing company. However, no single marketing action can accomplish this goal. Roofers that approach every marketing angle, from SEO to yard signs, will have the most powerful brand. 

Door knocking is part of this series of tasks that helps you strengthen your brand. If your roofing company has a robust online presence, people are more likely to answer the door and are more likely to speak to you in person. Things have changed in recent years with COVID, so homeowners will be picky about who they answer the door for.

Door knocking is more expensive than organic search traffic, but Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and every other marketing strategy you can think of in 2022. Organic SEO is the most inexpensive form of marketing, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only type of promotion you should pursue.

The Benefits of Door-Knocking

Door knocking presents several benefits to roofers. For starters, door-to-door sales allow roofing companies to introduce their brands on a more personal level. 

In addition, the in-person interactions can lead to online benefits, including mentions on the popular neighborhood community platform Nextdoor. Let’s take a look at some of the primary door knocking benefits:

Brand Expansion

By knocking on doors, you can expand your brand to new locations. Even if you only get one sale, you can ask to put a yard sign on the home, further enhancing your reputation. 

Digital Marketing

Even roofers without an online presence can benefit from door-knocking on a digital scale. Homeowners may mention your company on platforms like Nextdoor when they meet you in person.

Personal Networking

While digital marketing is a great way to generate leads, a personal networking venture can capture parts of the market that are unattainable digitally. You can’t replace human interaction, even in 2022.

Holistic Promotion

If you are unfamiliar with holistic promotion, door knocking will help you learn its power. In addition, roofers with an online presence through SEO, Google Business Profile, and Google Ads will notice these ventures have even better results when combined with door-knocking.

Industrial Knowledge

Even introverted roofing owners who ultimately decide that door-knocking is not their strong suit can benefit from trying the method for a while. Going out and knocking on doors yourself will learn more about customers’ needs and how you can manage the people you delegate to this task in the future.

The Bottom Line for Roofing Door Knocking

If you learn nothing else from this podcast, learn that door-to-door roofing sales still work in 2022 and can help your digital marketing. Of course, door knocking is not for everyone, but you can delegate these tasks to others in your company. Keep in mind that you must consider the local municipalities as they relate to door knocking to avoid legal issues.

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