Signs Your Roofing Website Needs Redesign

Designers Work on Roofing Website Redesign
The New Year is a Great Time to Evaluate Your Website

With the new year upon us, now is a better time than ever to reevaluate your roofing website. If your online marketing campaign failed to perform up to expectations last year, your website could be partially to blame. If the problems with your website are significant enough, a professional redesign should be in order. To determine if your website should be redesigned in 2018, look for these signs:

Sign #1: Slow Loading Times

As information is distributed at the fastest rate in history, attention spans are growing shorter by the minute. If your website takes more than 2 seconds to load, it can be a death sentence of your online marketing. Common issues causing slow loading times are:

  • Cheap Hosting: If you are on a shared hosting plan it may be time to change providers
  • Clunky Code: Poorly designed web pages have clunky code that slows down loading times
  • Uncompressed Images: Failure to optimize images for the web can bog down your site

Sign #2: Not Mobile Friendly

Mobile search surpassed desktop years ago, and the number continues to rise with each passing month. You can test your mobile website with Google Mobile-Friendly Test. Problems with mobile presentation include:

  • Difficult Navigation: If your website doesn’t fit within mobile screen parameters it can make navigation nearly impossible and cause massive bounce rates
  • Stripped Down Version: Websites that don’t incorporate responsive design often present stripped down versions of their site on mobile
  • Unsupported Content: Using elements like flash on your website will not be supported on mobile devices and thus make your website look unprofessional

Sign #3: Poor Website Analytics

Thanks to free tools like Google Analytics and Search Console we can measure user behavior on our website. If your data for 2017 is less than inspiring, a redesign seems more than reasonable to consider. Metrics that indicate poor performance include:

  • Few Pages Per Session: This metric shows how many pages a visitor navigates to per session
  • High Bounce Rate: This metric shows how many user exit your site immediately
  • Low Conversion Rate: The rate at which users complete the defined call to action (i.e. phone number link)

Sign #4: Low Search Visibility

Your website can look amazing, but if it is not appearing in search results, there is something inherently wrong with it. This can range from the code used to design the website, to the URL structure used to categorize individual service pages. Test your rankings for the following:

  • Exact Match Keyword: Search your company name on Google and see what appears
  • Industry Keywords: Search something like “roof repair near me”
  • Local Keywords: Search something like “dallas tx roof repair”

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