Responsive Web Design for Roofing

Responsive design is a website design method that ensures pages display optimally across devices. Responsive Web Design (RWD) holds great value for modern roofing companies since customers may access your website on various device-types, including mobile, tablet, and desktop. Aside from the apparent benefits, utilizing RWD ensures roofers never lose out on potential customers because of website compatibility issues. Check out the four primary devices:

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet

A responsive website can adapt to different sized screens and resolutions to preserve an optimal viewing experience for the user. A fluid layout allows an ideal presentation on all devices. As more people browse the internet on their phones and tablets, it is becoming increasingly important that your roofing website incorporates responsive design. Roofing Webmasters includes RWD on each of our clients’ websites so that you’ll never have to worry about losing a customer based on a device conflict.

There is no faster way to increase bounce rates and decrease conversions than to offer frustrating navigation elements. Mobile users, in particular, are easily frustrated by clunky navigation, distorted viewports, and overall hindrances to usability. With responsive design, you eliminate these concerns instantaneously and focus on more pressing needs like roofing SEO and site speed optimization.

RWD Benefits for Roofing Companies

It’s not difficult to find correlations between responsive web design and website performance. The benefits of RWD for roofers are too long to list. Suffice to say; it solidifies your web presence in a way that no other design method can. Google has gone as far as to recommend using responsive design to web developers, citing various advantages. Some of the main benefits to RWD include:

  • Conversion Rate: Reaching the full range of your marketplace with optimal display increases the rate of conversion
  • Bounce Rate: Universal accessibility decreases the likelihood of immediate exits, subsequently reducing bounce rate
  • Maintenance: A single action will fix the problem on all devices, rather than being forced into multiple fixes
  • Shareability: Having a single website for all devices allows sharing web pages across devices (i.e., a mobile user tweets a website link to a desktop user)

Google has long valued websites that cater to user experience, and there is no better way to do so than through responsive web design. User behavior metrics support decreased bounce rates and increased conversions for pages with integrated RWD. At Roofing Webmasters, we design each of our clients’ websites with RWD, ensuring an optimal user experience for potential customers.

Responsive Web Design for Roofing Contractors

Leads drive the roofing business. Without them, roofing companies can’t survive. For that reason, roofing leads are at a premium, and contractors will often go to great lengths to secure them. Internet marketing is one tool for lead generation, but it has gotten increasingly competitive over the years. To be successful in 2021, you need a service that has a unique understanding of your market. We work with roofing contractors across the country, giving us an advantage over general marketing firms that deal with all kinds of businesses.

Our web design team has been integrating RWD for several years. The results speak for themselves, as we’ve seen clients’ websites outperform expectations regularly. While responsive design is essential, it is not enough, on its own, to produce regular leads. A well-designed website needs SEO and link building to flourish on Google search results. Paid advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads can serve as an additional traffic source to get more eyes on your appealing website.