Roofer Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile Access
More users access the internet on mobile than desktop

Over 70% of digital minutes are spent on mobile devices. If your roofing company website is optimized only for desktop, you could be missing out on over two thirds of your market. If you’re serious about your roofing company overtaking the competition, roofer mobile friendly websites are not a luxury, they are a requirement. Roofing service decisions are now made on the go, often times from the mobile device people carry with them at all times.

In addition to the advantage of reaching customers wherever they are, mobile friendly website designs are important to your SEO. Google prioritizes user experience, and in turn prioritizes websites that are mobile friendly. Roofer mobile friendly websites can help you rank higher in Google searches. If you’re serious about SEO, Roofing Webmasters can design your roofing website with mobile friendly design. This design can work together, with organic search optimization and PPC to build a strong reputation.

Do Roofing Companies Need Mobile Friendly Websites?

Mobile Friendly
mobile friendly websites are a must

Roofing Companies that want to rank well in Google searches need mobile friendly websites. Furthermore, roofer mobile friendly websites are the best way to reach potential customers at their preferred source. A potential customer could decide to inquire about roofing services at any time of day. If they aren’t home or at a desktop, they are sure to check their mobile device for roofing companies. At Roofing Webmasters we can optimize your website for mobile devices, helping you reach new customers who are on the go.

Mobile Responsive
Reach new customers on the go

The first step is making your website presentable for mobile devices, but attention span has to do with more than just presentation. If your pages take too long too load, mobile users are going to move on. The whole reason they are accessing your site on mobile is because they are looking for a solution right now. If they wanted to wait, they wouldn’t inquire about roofing services on the go. At Roofing Webmasters, our goal is to build your customer base. We design roofing company websites that are not only mobile friendly but possess efficient loading times.

Mobile Friendly Websites for Roofing Companies

Roofer Mobile Website
Google prioritizes websites with mobile friendly design

Nearly every roofing company is trying to rank higher on Google searches. So what will be the deciding factor as to who gets those coveted rankings? If we’re looking forward in 2017, the best way to reach potential customers will be at their preferred source. Mobile devices are now the number one source of internet access. More users access the internet on their mobile device than they do on their desktop. In this new marketing climate, it is imperative that your website not only looks presentable on mobile, but is simple to navigate. Nothing is more frustrating to mobile users than a website they can’t navigate.

As the online marketing climate changes, your roofing company website must adapt. Yes, SEO is still an important factor in ranking on Google search results, but an increasingly important part of your SEO strategy will be mobile friendly website design. It is no longer acceptable for websites to be designed for desktops only. To further discuss roofer mobile friendly websites, give us a call at (800) 353-5758.