Roofer Accelerated Mobile Pages

What Are AMP’s For Roofing Websites?

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An Accelerated Mobile Page Enhances User Experience

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP’s) are “lite” web pages that load more efficiently due to stripped down HTML coding. Their inception is part of a Google initiative, with the help of Twitter and others, to foster a more mobile friendly internet for users.  Roofing Webmasters has focused on mobile web design for years, and has been progressive in making roofing sites more accessible to mobile users, which are in 2018, the majority of consumers. AMP’s aim to improve the following:

  • Consumption Efficiency: Excess data is deferred until needed
  • Site Speed: Icrease site speed with lighting quick loading times
  • User Experience: Meets needs of users with short attention spans

Attention spans have grown shorter in passing years, as information has become more accessible, and an expectation for efficiency has manifested itself. At this juncture in website marketing, being slow stands out negatively, while being fast is expected. AMP’s help websites not stand out, by meeting the mobile user’s primary expectation; efficiency. If competitor websites fail to implement mobile friendly techniques, your site can earn a serious advantage over them moving forward. Call (800) 353-5758 to discuss accelerated mobile pages for your roofing website.

Is Faster Really Better For Roofing Contractors?

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Faster Mobile Pages Improve Local SEO and Marketing

Despite its popularity, and standing as a Google founded initiative, the AMP project has left some developers questioning whether or not faster is really better. Introductions of change are often met with resistance, so it is not surprising to see a percentage of commentators skeptical of the project’s merit. At Roofing Webmasters, we value transparency and information. We believe an informed customer makes better decisions, and ones they will be more satisfied with long-term. Here’s what we know about faster mobile websites, based on our experience and data:

  • Bounce Rate Decreases: Prevents bored users from exiting a slow-loading site
  • Traffic Increases: Receives more traffic for various reasons, including improved CTR
  • User Experience Is Enhanced: Mobile users strongly prefer fast mobile websites and consider speed a top priority

Contrary to conspiracy theories, Google does not have a hidden agenda with accelerated mobile pages. Consensus data tells the story without words. Fast mobile websites provide a superior user experience, which promotes a better internet for everyone involved. Roofing contractors utilize their web presence to generate leads online. If most prospective leads are accessing the net via mobile device, it makes business sense to accommodate them with the best experience possible, in order to secure those leads.

Roofer Advertising With AMP’s

Webmaster Reviews Accelerated Mobile PagesWebsite presentation is not the only aspect of the AMP project. Advertising is an additional component of this Google initiative, as intrusive ads are often the source of slow loading web pages. AMP’s speed up advertisements in the same way they do web pages, creating a similarly beneficial user experience. With its ability to decrease bounce rates, AMP’s can promote more ad impressions, and generate higher click through rates due to a user’s longer exposure to the ad. It’s another primary benefit of accelerated mobile pages.

Roofing Webmasters is extremely focused on mobile experience. By signing up with us, your online presence will be especially mobile-friendly, not just from AMP’s, but from mobile web design, mobile content, and mobile advertising. The trend of mobile internet usage is not going to reverse course, and instead will continue to ascend to even greater levels. If your online presence is not yet catered towards mobile users, the time is now to change that. Call (800) 353-5758 to discuss accelerated mobile pages for roofers.