Roofer Accelerated Mobile Pages

Do Roofing Companies Need AMP’s?

Businessman Browsing Roofer Accelerated Mobile Pages
AMP’s Use Condensed Forms of HTML For Site Speed

Roofing companies looking to enhance their mobile website experience should absolutely take advantage of accelerated mobile pages (AMP’s). These pages are actually a form of stripped-down HTML, designed with the intention of creating faster mobile websites and benefiting mobile users. The main objectives of AMP’s are:

  • Consumption Efficiency: It’s taken website developers a while to understand that the only information relevant to the user is that which is currently visible — excess data can be deferred until it’s needed
  • Site Speed: AMP’s were designed for increasing site speed with lighting quick loading times
  • User Experience: Mobile users have short attention spans, they want info, and want it now — AMP’s provide that to them

Your roofing company’s mobile website should cater to the needs of the user. AMP’s are making efficient mobile presentation easier than ever before. As a local contractor, appealing to mobile users can definitively separate you from competitors with slow loading mobile sites. Call (800) 353-5758 to discuss roofer accelerated mobile pages.

Is Faster Really Better Roofing Contractors?

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Accelerated Pages Lower Bounce Rates

Despite the popularity of accelerated mobile pages, and its standing as Google’s pet project, some questions remain about whether or not faster is really better. Sifting through biased assessments of any new SEO technique can be confusing and overwhelming. Roofing Webmasters is here to clarify any confusion. What we know about fast mobile websites are:

  • Bounce Rate Decreases: Statistics back up the idea that fast mobile websites decrease bounce rates and prevent bored users from exiting a slow-loading site
  • Traffic Increases: Measurement informs us that faster mobile sites receive more traffic which can be for a variety of reasons, including their ranking on search engine results
  • User Experience Is Enhanced: Every consumer data report indicates that mobile users strongly prefer fast mobile websites and consider speed a top priority

These concepts are not from Google employees and they have no secret agenda. These are consensus results of a faster mobile site and should be taken into consideration by roofing contractors across the United States. Roofing Webmasters can assist you in implementing AMP’s.

Roofer Advertising With AMP’s

Person With Mobile Phone Using AMP For RoofersOne element of accelerated mobile pages that cannot be overlooked is advertising. Part of the benefit to using AMP’s is how quickly advertisements load along with the site. Traditionally, ads have tended to slow down loading times. With this new project, that is no longer an issue, and advertisers can reach consumers faster than ever before.

If you are looking to enhance your mobile experience, contact Roofing Webmasters today. Our team of web designers is ready to build you an elite-level mobile website that will establish you as an authority in your local area. We will ensure that your roofing company ranks well on Google SERPs, both mobile and desktop. Call (800) 353-5758 for roofer accelerated mobile pages.