Roofer Content Management Systems

Roofer Content Management Systems
CMS’s Help Roofers Manage Web Content

Every roofing website utilizes a content management system of some sort. A CMS is a software application designed to manage digital content. The software is installed on websites and allows website managers to control all aspects of their site’s content and structure. Among the advantages to content management systems include:

  • Customized Templates: Designers can build their website around the CMS
  • Link Building: CMS’s allow for linking both internally and externally
  • Tag Editing: Edits for meta, title, and header tags
  • URL Structuring: Creation of a website URL hierarchy

Google rewards websites that provide the best user experience. That makes the use of content management systems imperative to internet marketing success. With the ability to create, manage, and modify content, roofing contractors can make their website stand out from the competition. Call (800) 353-5758 to discuss roofer content management systems.

Selecting a CMS for Roofers

Designers Work on CMS
Several Open Source CMS Options Exist

Now that you know the advantages of having a CMS, you will have to decide which one to utilize. Several options exist for content management systems. Businesses tend to choose a CMS based on needs for their company and the type of content they plan to create. Options include:

  • Drupal: An open source CMS known for its scalability and flexibility
  • Joomla: A CMS option known for its stability and security
  • SilverStripe: A CMS known for its flexible framework
  • WordPress: The consensus CMS for web developers

Each option offers their own set of advantages and all of them can be used to manage content. The decision will ultimately be made based on individual preference. If you are using a web design service, the designer will create your website with their choice of content system.

Why WordPress is The #1 CMS

Writers Update CMS for Roofing WebsiteRoofing Webmasters designs each of its websites with WordPress. Why? Because WordPress is the most intuitive CMS on the market and has the highest SEO potential. URL structuring is simple with this software, as is content creation and editing, along with link building. There is really no downside to using WordPress as your content management system.

If your website is struggling to rank on Google SERPs, now may be the time to invest in a new CMS. The team at Roofing Webmasters will design a brand new website exclusively for your roofing company. We will use WordPress to optimize it for search engines, and have your company generating new roofing leads in 2018. For more information about roofer content management systems, call us at (800) 353-5758.