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Roofer Twitter
Engage With Customers Through Tweets & Messages

Most digital trends evolve over time, and Twitter is not immune. What was once a simple platform to spread a short message to a group of followers, is now a much more complex social networking tool that requires an innovative strategy to reach consumers. So what changed? It’s simple. Tweets that were once visible to the masses, are no longer being seen. With increased usage over time, the network has become oversaturated with accounts and their subsequent tweets. A tweet posted in 2018 becomes old news within seconds. To account for Twitter’s evolution, roofing companies should:

  • Direct Messaging: Make use of DM’s which serve as an instant messenger
  • Direct Tweets: Instead of posting a public tweet, initiate a direct conversation with another profile, or reply to their tweets
  • Enrich Posts: Use GIF’s and YouTube clips within your tweets
  • Use Hashtags: Join a local or national conversation through #hashtags

Roofing companies can still use Twitter effectively with the right social media strategy. Roofing Webmasters offers social media management services to contractors across the United States. We’ve been working with companies in your industry for years, equipping us with unique insights not found with other marketing firms. As a company principle, we stay on top of the latest social trends, allowing us to keep our clients ahead of the curve on various marketing channels. To get started with Twitter marketing for roofers, give us a call at (800) 353-5758.

Adapting To Twitter’s Algorithm

Twitter Tablet
Their Latest Algorithm Factors In Engagement Metrics

In it’s evolution, Twitter’s algorithm changed from a chronological newsfeed, to one dependent on engagement. Unlike Facebook’s latest algorithm update, which renders branded content essentially useless, Twitter still supports content from business accounts, as long as its useful to their audience. The platform judges a tweet’s value based on its engagement metrics. Using some of the techniques we listed above, you can drive up engagement for your tweets, which will subsequently increase their visibility on newsfeeds. Examples of tweet engagement include:

  • Interaction: Someone clicks a link, or plays a video within your tweet
  • Likes: A user clicks on the heart shaped “like” button
  • Retweets: Someone selects the “retweet” option which curates your tweet to their followers
  • Replies: A user reply’s to your tweet

You can measure and analyze your tweet’s engagement through the network’s native analytics tool; Twitter Analytics. Access to this information instructs roofers on how to tweet engaging material more consistently. Replicate content that engages your followers while veering away from material that fails to catch their eye. You’ll likely note that tweets with visual content, like videos or GIF’s receive a higher engagement rate than those with bland text. Roofing Webmasters can help you get started with your internet marketing campaign today.

Twitter Strategies for Roofing Contractors

Webmaster With iPad Displaying Social AppRoofing Webmasters’ provides Twitter marketing services to companies across the country. Not only can it serve as an outlet for content marketing, but it can also be a valuable platform on which to resolve customer disputes. A presence on Twitter gives distressed customers an outlet to voice their complaints and / or frustration. If they can start a dialogue through tweets or DM’s, they are less likely to leave a character assassinating review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. As is the case with online reviews, responding to customer complaints requires professionalism, calmness, and resolution.

Finding time to handle social media responsibilities can be a challenge for contractors, especially when they’re running a full time business operation. Alleviate that burden by investing in online marketing services from Roofing Webmasters. Not only do we manage your social media accounts, but we offer a variety of additional marketing services as well. Some of them include; search engine optimization, PPC advertising, and website design. To get started with the #1 internet marketing company for roofers, call us now at (800) 353-5758.