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Instagram Marketing
Instagram for roofing companies

Most people have heard of Instagram; the mega popular photo sharing app for mobile devices. Yet, for some reason, Instagram is never considered as a social media marketing tool for small businesses, like roofing companies. This perception of Instagram as a non marketing tool, actually presents an opportunity to roofing companies who would want to exploit this market inefficiency. Call (800) 353-5758 for roofer Instagram marketing. Here are some tips for Instagram marketing:

  • Quality over Quantity: Engage viewers with high resolution photographs of your work, employees, etc.
  • Switch it Up: Instagram provides the option to upload both photos and videos, so make sure you add some of each
  • Schedule Posts: Remember, this is marketing, so each of your posts should be made based on research, or if not, to acquire further data to research

Instagram is a very popular social media platform. Some industries are taking advantage of this national phenomenon, while others aren’t. If you are a roofing company really looking to make a name for yourself, Instagram could be the platform that expands your brand recognition. Consider the competition level on Facebook and Twitter as much higher, while Instagram, if done correctly, can actually be an intriguing strategy.

But What about Instagram’s Demographic?

Roofer Instagram Marketing
Instagram leans towards a younger demographic

Based on statistics from Pew Research Center, the demographics of Instagram users could cause some hesitancy on the part of roofing companies. Why? An estimated 55% of 18-29 year olds use Instagram, while that number drops to 28% for 30-49 year olds, and then to only 11% for for 50-64 year olds. In other words, as the likelihood for homeownership increases, and by association, roofing maintenance demand, the activity level on Instagram decreases. In other words:

  • 30-64 Year Olds: 39 % (Higher Likelihood of Homeownership)
  • 18-29 Year Olds: 55% (Lower Likelihood of Homeownership)

So while there are certainly homeowners in the 18-29 range, the 55% number is still largely unreliable for an aggressive marketing campaign. A better option would be a more conservative approach, in order to see what markets your services, advertisements, and content will engage. There is never such a thing as bad market research, especially when it is extremely cost effective.

Roofing Advertising Experts

Roofer Instagram

Facebook and Twitter should be the primary focus of social media marketing campaigns for roofers. Still, the marketing opportunity for Instagram is too substantial to completely ignore. If you are a roofing contractor looking for a creative alternative to the regular routine of social media marketing, you should strongly consider calling Roofing Webmasters. Our years of working with roofers has given us a relationship that other marketing firms cannot manufacture.

There are so many ways to market your roofing company on the internet, the wealth of information can become overwhelming quickly. I think the bottom line for roofers is simply “do what works” and the kinds of marketing that will translate directly into sales. Roofing Webmasters prides itself in having the best strategy for roofing companies across the country. Call (800) 353-5758 for roofer Instagram marketing.