Roofer Facebook Management

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Facebook provides a great marketing opportunity

Facebook is the number one social networking service in the world. It seems like everyone has a Facebook account. Wherever there are large groups of people networking, there is an opportunity to market roofing services. Roofer Facebook management can increase your activity level and visibility on the social network. If you are not currently on Facebook, you are missing an opportunity to expand your business. Facebook does not charge a fee to join or to set up a business page.

You don’t have to spend money to use Facebook, but you can. You can spend advertising money to place ads on Facebook, and like many PPC campaigns, you can market the ads to specific demographics of people. Roofing companies might want to target young to middle age families in their location. Much like with SEO, you can grow your Facebook presence organically, or through paid advertising. Facebook provides insights and analytics to help you understand where your customer growth is coming from. This can be advantageous for roofing contractors when deciding which demographics to target.

How Active Should Roofing Companies be on Facebook?

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You can target Facebook ads to specific demographics

Roofing companies who want to grow their business online should be active on Facebook. By posting monthly blogs to the social networking site, you can keep your activity level consistent throughout the year. In addition to blogs, you can post promotions, discounts, and updates about your roofing company. Make sure promotions are professionally designed digital flyers. Facebook is a very visual medium and your success is predicated on the aesthetics of your page. Roofing Webmasters can alleviate the headache that is social media by managing your Facebook page for you.

Your Facebook business page should have professional presentation. Much like your website, your Facebook business page is a representation of your roofing company. That means, optimizing your cover image so that it is the correct dimensions for display. It also means having a consistent logo throughout your page for branding purposes. The cleaner looking your Facebook business page is, the more people will trust your company. Pictures usually generate the most interest on Facebook. Occasionally posting high quality pictures can only help you generate interest.

Facebook for Roofing Contractors

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Facebook is the #1 social networking platform

Do you have a Facebook business page? Is it lacking the necessary activity to generate interest? If you are a roofing contractor looking to build a social media presence with Facebook, you should consider Facebook management services from Roofing Webmasters. We offer full service marketing for roofing contractors. That means your website, blog posts, and social media will all work together to generate interest in your roofing company

We understand that roofing contractors don’t have the time or resources to mange all their social media accounts. Still, it is critical to your online presence that you are available on popular social media platforms like Facebook. If you understand that your activity on social media ends with customer growth and increased sales, you’ll begin to understand the importance of it. . For roofer Facebook management, give us a call at (800) 353-5758.