Social Media Analysis for Roofing Companies

In today’s world, social media is everywhere. From keeping up with friends and family to locating a great roofing company, social media users consult their favorite platform for just about everything. Extend your roofing company’s reach and expand your roofing customer base by completing a social media analysis to ensure that each of your company’s accounts is performing optimally. The Roofing Webmasters professionals can perform a social media analysis for roofers to see where your social accounts stand and offer social media guidance for each platform so you can rest assured you’re getting the most out of your roofing social media.

Twitter and Facebook Displaying Social Media Analysis Services
Non-Analyzed Data is Just Empty Statistics

Because of the medium’s consistent evolution, the effectiveness of your roofing social media marketing efforts should be evaluated every 6 months to a year. The evaluation should encompass every aspect of social media, from the specific platforms to the manner in which they are used. Many companies use social media accounts to compliment each other, sharing similar information across multiple platforms, while others find more success in using each platform separately to communicate individual messages and ideas. As a roofing contractor, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube should not be foreign concepts to you. However, despite the general knowledge of the platforms’ popularity, the way they are used is constantly evolving. In fact, current statistics suggest that social media is now used more than print newspapers for news location, and is consulted by one in three users when looking for product or service information. In the United States, more than half of the country has at least one social account and a third has two or more.Adult Social Media Users in the U.S.

The above percentages are based on U.S. adults who say they use the platforms either online or on their cellphone, according to Pew Research Center. This data confirms the industry’s general consensus that understanding social platforms and their popularity is imperative to the success of current marketing efforts. The numbers suggest that the majority of Americans use YouTube and Facebook and that Instagram is trending in that direction. LinkedIn and Twitter are used by about a quarter of Americans and are only expected to increase in user numbers as time goes on. Call (800) 353-5758 to learn more about a social media analysis for roofers and whether your roofing business is getting its all out of social media.

Analyzing Social Media Engagement for Roofers

The top platforms empower its users to choose how they share content. For instance, posts with visual content such as images or video have greater engagement rates than those without them. Similarly, posts with condensed text (less than 250 characters) engage users at a higher rate than those with more words. These trends reveal a pattern of behavior in the typical social media user. After all, with so much information available, on demand, users are not going to take too much time on one piece of content, unless it’s exceptional. The following qualities promote engagement:

  • Conciseness: A limited amount of text (less than 250 characters)
  • Hashtags: Posts with 1 or 2 hashtags, but less than 3
  • Images: High-quality photos within posts
  • Videos: Embedded videos within posts, either natively, or through YouTube embed code
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Images Encourage Greater Engagement

Most social media platforms offer analytics tools that can be used to identify helpful information about user experience, interaction, and engagement. This information empowers marketers to gauge their content’s reach in real-time and take steps to improve it. By partnering with Roofing Webmasters, contractors ensure that each of their profiles is evaluated consistently, and that proper measures are taken in response to those findings. This becomes even more paramount within a medium that is constantly evolving.Social Media Marketing for Roofers

Evaluating Recent Social Media Trends

Because advancements in media will translate directly to social networks, new trends are always developing. With Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and Twitter’s Periscope, brands and individuals alike, can provide users with a behind-the-scenes look at their daily schedule with live video. For roofers, leveraging new trends to drive traffic to their profile, and subsequently, their website is a critical part of social media analysis. Leveraging new and innovative ways to communicate your information keeps your followers engaged and keeps your roofing company ahead of the game.

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Live Video is The Latest Media Trend

Roofing Webmasters uses cutting edge information and knowledge for your roofing social media analysis. We gauge the performance of social posts in real-time and use findings to conduct measured improvements. We implement new ideas that keep your audience captivated and connected and present your roofing company with innovative ideas that keep you in the spotlight. Along with our roofer social media analysis services, the Roofing Webmasters team additionally offers social media management for roofers. Call (800) 353-5758 for more information about social media analysis for roofing companies or to find out how to get more out of your social media roofing accounts.