Roofer SEO Competitor Analysis

Roofer SEO Competitor Analysis
Identify 6 Roofing Website Competitors

Roofing companies looking to rank on local search results in 2018 will be facing fierce competition for certain keywords. If your website is not receiving the traffic that you expect, you could be losing out to competitors with stronger SEO. Roofing Webmasters offers SEO competitor analysis and can use data to help you ascend on Google search results. Competitor Analysis consists of the following components:

  1. 1. Identification: Researching the local roofing market to identify up to 6 main competitors
  2. 2. Grading: Using metrics and analytics to grade competitor pages, as well as your own
  3. 3. Comparison: Comparing metrics from your own site to those of the competition
  4. 4. Reporting: Use data results to form reports for improvement

After the analysis concludes, reports are used to implement measurable improvements to your website’s SEO which will help you jump the competition on search engine results. It is important to note that competitor analysis is not a one time activity. To sustain a favorable ranking on Google, roofing websites must be consistent with their analysis and account for the constantly evolving Google algorithms, and how their competition responds to them. For roofer SEO competitor analysis, call us at (800) 353-5758.

Grading Competitors for SEO

Roofing Competitor Analysis Meeting
Compare and Contrast Content, Keywords, and Links!

To grade a competitors website for SEO, analysts must take into account a plethora of information. It is not enough to simply compare keywords or links, but several sets of data combined will form a macro-level understanding of the competition’s optimization. Analysts grade the following components for SEO:

  • Content: The quality of the content as it pertains to user experience
  • Domain Authority: How much authority a website has with search engines
  • Keywords: The types of keywords, and how often they are used
  • Links: The number of quality links, including internal, outbound, and backlinks

Each of these components will not tell the whole story on their own, but when they are combined and analyzed in the aggregate, a formidable grade can be determined. Grades should be informative and expansive, meaning if a competitor has a higher grade than you, the reasons should be specified. Perhaps you have the same keywords, but they have more quality links than you. Knowing this can help you take action and improve your SEO.

Why Choose Roofing Webmasters?

Editors Review Roofing CompetitionThere are many options for SEO competitor analysis but few of them specialize in the roofing industry. At Roofing Webmasters we cater specifically to roofing contractors and their internet marketing. We know what it takes to improve search optimization for roofing websites. Instead of a generic marketing firm using generalized tactics, we use methods that have been tested with roofing companies just like yours.

2018 is the year to take your roofing company to the next level. But you cannot accomplish that without knowing your competition. You must take initiative and invest in Roofing Webmasters. Not only will we analyze your competition, but we will use the results to help you rank on the top of Google SERPs. Call (800) 353-5758 for roofer SEO competitor analysis.