Roofer SEO Mistakes

SEO is a great way to increase roofing leads and enjoy the benefits of a sustainable online presence. But with the commercialization of SEO, mistakes have become more common. This is partially due to the number of individuals claiming to be “experts” in the field but also the amount of conflicting information available online. As a digital marketing agency for roofers we are aware of all the mistakes roofing contractors make before singing on with us. Some of the most common mistakes they make are:

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Creating a Brand New Domain Name

If you have an existing domain name you should continue to host your website on it even if it is being redesigned and optimized. Domains that have built up tenure over time have a far greater chance of ranking well than do newly purchased domains. You might think that a fresh start is what your website needs but understand that any website can appear on a domain address. At Roofing Webmasters we design custom websites that lead to your existing domain name and help rank it for keywords that it was already targeting.

Selling Your Soul to An SEO Expert

Roofers shouldn’t believe every SEO company is reputable. There are systems in place to check their reputation including Google My Business and Facebook. But even marketers with good reviews are not always the best fit for your roofing business. That’s why doing research is very important. Any SEO company charging you over $3,000 per month should be thoroughly examined. You also don’t want to spend too little because that generally indicates poor quality. Be wary of long-term contracts of any kind as they can be a nightmare to get out of.

Template Web Design

Anyone can create a website today using Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace and other such platforms. The problem is these template websites don’t have custom codebase or advanced schema markup. While they have improved their SEO in recent years, a custom website still has the greatest optimization potential. We can’t name how many roofers we see that are using a cheap template for their website and wonder why they don’t rank for anything. We explain to them that advanced schema markup helps Google parcel data and that their current website doesn’t have that.

Using Old-School SEO Tactics

Many of the staples of old-school SEO or dead. Keyword stuffing and link schemes come to mind right away. Those two things used to almost guarantee ranking prior to the Google Penguin update in 2012. Today, keyword stuffing will get your website penalized at worst and at the bottom of results at best. Link schemes will be largely ignored unless they are coming from blatant spam sources in which case your site might get a manual action from Google. You can check if your website was penalized by logging into Google Search Console.

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SEO Mistakes Explained

Managing a roofing company is a full time job, which makes delegating your internet marketing the most logical course of action. Roofing Webmasters offers SEO services to contractors throughout the United States. In our decades of experience marketing on behalf of roofers, we’ve noticed that many contractors make the same SEO mistakes prior to asking us for help. These mistakes have a detrimental affect on their search engine ranking, and overall online presence. Common mistakes include:

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Lack of Measurement / Tracking
  • Not Writing Meta Descriptions
  • Scraped or Thin Content

While these mistakes can cost your roofing company valuable ranking spots on Google search results, each one is correctable with the right techniques. Partnering with Roofing Webmasters not only ensures that these mistakes will be corrected, but that they will never happen again. Our content marketing team develops SEO-friendly content for each of our roofing websites. We avoid the common pitfalls of amateur optimization, and follow Google’s Quality Guidelines carefully.

How Can a Roofing Company Avoid SEO Mistakes?

The best way to avoid SEO mistakes is to delegate internet marketing responsibilities to a company you can trust. This way you can focus your attention on the day to day operations of your roofing business, and leave the constantly evolving digital marketing landscape to the experts at Roofing Webmasters. The same energy you devote to roof repairs and installations, we devote to creating more leads for your company. Our web design team works collaboratively with our content marketers, to formulate the ultimate roofing SEO strategy. Our SEO services include:

  • Analytics Measurement
  • Content Marketing
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building

Trust is the most important factor when choosing an SEO company. Google cautions against manipulative SEO tactics, sometimes known as black-hat SEO, which suspect companies will use in hopes of gaining a competitive edge. Be on the lookout for unrealistic promises, as these can be definite red flags for an online marketing service. Don’t pay too much mind to certain metrics either. For example, a massive increase in traffic is not necessarily a good thing for your website. Much of that traffic could be coming from spam sources, or from users not interested in roofing services, which renders the traffic effectively useless.

What if a Roofing Contractor Ignores SEO Mistakes?

Some contractors have asked the question “what if we just ignore it?” The problem with this philosophy is that the mistakes won’t go away. They will continue to negatively impact your search ranking potential, and cost you valuable leads. In severe cases, SEO mistakes can earn you a Google Penalty, which can wipe your website off of rankings altogether. The longer you wait to correct SEO mistakes, the harder it is to regain the trust of Google and other search engines.

If you are unsure whether or not your website is making some of the common SEO mistakes, you can contact us today for a free SEO consultation. We will evaluate your website, and determine whether or not it is a victim of poor SEO tactics that are costing your roofing company leads, and dropping your position on search results. The good news is that Roofing Webmasters can change the direction of your internet marketing for 2019. With our services, you will start generating leads at a consistent rate.