Roofer Site Structure

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The goal of every roofing company website is to rank high on Google search results. The problem is that too few websites take the steps necessary to accomplish that goal. One major step you can take to rank better on Google, is to implement a deliberate site structure. Since every website on the internet has some form of structure, roofer site structure should be intentional for the purposes of enhancing user experience. Remember, Google rewards websites that provide users with the best possible experience. Site structure is an important step forward in that regard.

Internal linking is an important part of site structure. Each of your web pages should be linked to other relevant pages on your website. This method allows users to seamlessly navigate as they acquire relevant information. This will not only help Google index your website, but it will encourage users to stay on it longer, which makes them more likely to eventually inquire about your services.

What Should Be the Site Structure for My Roofing Company?

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A good site structure is deliberate and intentional

Your roofing company website should be structured with a hierarchy. This is something that is planned before the website is actually designed. For example you might offer residential roofing services. But within the category of residential roofing services, you will also be offering shingle roof repair. Structuring your website to inform Google that shingle roof repair is part of your residential roofing services will help your SEO exponentially.

One of the most important components to roofer site structure is URL composition. You want your URL’s to follow your hierarchy. A main service page for residential roofing services would have sub pages or child pages for specific residential roofing services. These URL’s will make your website easy to navigate and help Google optimally index your roofing company.

Does a Roofing Contractor Need Site Structure?

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Good site structure is an element of strong SEO

If roofing contractors want to climb the Google search rankings, site structure is a necessity. Google uses crawling methods to index your roofing company website. Having a sound and deliberate site structure will allow your website to be indexed more efficiently. Our web designers at Roofing Webmasters have the skill and dedication to structure your roofing contractor website for Google search rankings. Any steps that can be taken to improve online visibility are important for roofers.

If you have ever seen sitelinks show up in Google search results, this is due to comprehensive site structure. Google only displays sitelinks for websites that its algorithm deems worthy. The display of sitelinks on a search engine results page is a huge SEO booster. These sitelinks make it easier to navigate your website. The benefits of site structure cannot be undervalued. For roofer site structure services call (800) 353-5758