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Site Structure Optimization for Websites

Roofing Webmasters provides a suite of SEO services to ensure your roofing company shows up on Google. One of those services is site structure optimization. When most companies think about SEO, they think about content and keywords, but your website structure directly impacts SEO rankings in 2023. Google crawls websites before indexing them, and an optimized site structure aids that process.

The Optimal Site Structure for Roofing Websites in 2023

The best site structure for roofing websites is the silo structure. At Roofing Webmasters, we incorporate a silo structure on each client’s website. Some industry “experts” contend that silo structures are the same as pyramid structures, but that is merely semantics. Either way, the structure works great for SEO.

Site Structure Optimization Example from Roofing Website

What is a Silo Structure?

A silo structure is a website architecture that groups topic clusters into a group of interlinked pages. For example, your commercial roofing silo would have a main commercial roofing services page along with a commercial roof repair, commercial roof replacement, and commercial roof installation page. Each of these pages interlinks with one another as part of the commercial roofing silo.

The SEO Benefits of Silo Structures

Silo structures help facilitate crawling and indexing while establishing relevance for different topic clusters. For example, when Google crawls your commercial roofing silo, they can easily associate repair, replacement, and installation with your company. This can directly impact your ability to rank for these terms. Furthermore, silo structures make crawling simple and logical for Google’s crawlers.

Are Silo Structures Isolated for Internal Links?

One misnomer about the silo structure is that it isolates internal links based on the silo. For example, some say that you shouldn’t link a residential roofing page within a commercial roofing silo. However, based on our decades’ worth of data and research, this line of thinking is incorrect. Similarly, some say not isolating internal links based on the silo makes it a pyramid site structure, which is merely semantics.

Screenshot of Internal Link on Roofing Website

It is perfectly legitimate to link internally to any relevant page on your website, including pages that are in different “silos” than the linking page. Some call this a pyramid structure.

Roofing Webmasters Will Fix Your Site Structure

At Roofing Webmasters, we’ve taken on tenured roofing websites with low-quality site structures. We fixed the problem by reimagining their site structure and 301 redirecting existing URLs to the new URL. Using this methodology, we are able to preserve any existing rankings while increasing rankings at scale. We make Google’s job easier when crawling the website while also providing a superior user experience.