Roofer SEO For Voice Search (2020)

Voice assistants are becoming mainstream, and more Amazon Echo’s and Google Assistant’s are in American homes than ever before. With this new trend in technology comes an evolution of SEO for roofers. Just as mobile search changed the internet marketing landscape and forced websites to adjust from the more traditional form of SEO, voice recognition searches will do the same. Roofing companies who hope to generate leads online in 2020 should make the following adjustments:

  • Conversational Keywords: Optimize content for conversational search queries
  • Featured Snippets: Increase efforts to earn highlighted snippets
  • NAP Consistency: Claim and optimize local directory listings
  • Schema Markup: Implement microdata tags

Many roofing companies learned the hard way that mobile optimization was here to stay. Some went bankrupt and lost their business. “Adapt or die” is an accurate motto in the world of SEO and failure to evolve along with Google and technology in general will leave companies in the lower percentile of their industry. The newest trend, and one that is likely sustainable is voice search. Amazon Echo and Google Assistant aren’t going to lose buzz any time soon and the time is now to optimize for them.

Voice Search for Roofers Graphic

The Modern Search Query

Research into mobile searches in comparison to their more traditional desktop predecessor revealed subtle changes in the nature of queries. The same will be true in the transition to voice searches. Unfortunately, Google does not yet offer query information exclusive to voice search so there will be some guesswork involved with anticipating voice queries. We’ve heard the commercial for “Alexa, find me a …” and it can be applied to roofing as much as any other service. Most voice queries will possess the following qualities:

  • Conversational Tone: Reminiscent of person to person communication
  • Investigative: Posing a question
  • Long Tail: Longer than typical queries

To optimize for these voice-specific qualities roofers can do several things. Writing your header in question form and answering it with the subsequent text can earn a featured snippet which has a great chance of being pulled by Amazon Echo or Google Assistant. When a searcher asks, for example “How much are roofing services in (City, State)?” your snippet will be pulled and transcribed to the user. Needless to say this makes them more likely to inquire about your roofing services and be converted into a customer.

People Also Ask Screenshot

The Roofing Webmasters Advantage

Staying ahead of the trends is what we do here at Roofing Webmasters. That combined with our specific focus on the roofing industry makes us an ideal choice for internet marketing. As a roofing contractor, you’ve likely dealt with companies that don’t understand the nuances of your industry and market. That will be a non-issue with our team. We have years of experience marketing to your audience and data that informs our decisions. We don’t go with “gut feelings” but instead take an informed, analytical approach to online marketing.

Worried about being locked in long-term? You don’t have to be with Roofing Webmasters. Why? Because we offer payment agreements that are month-to-month. Having opt-out clauses after each month holds us accountable and incentivizes us to maintain peak performance on your behalf. If you find our services unproductive you simply end our partnership at the conclusion of the month. We are confident that will never happen once you begin enjoying the benefits of our services. 2020 can be a big year for your roofing company.

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