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Off Page SEO is Separate From Your Website

Off site SEO refers to techniques applied away from your website that impact your search engine rankings. As Google has become more sophisticated, it’s understanding of reputation, trustworthiness, and authority have evolved. An official website can no longer, on its own, define a roofing company’s SEO strategy. Off site platforms that influence SEO include:

  • Authority Websites: Building backlinks from authority websites improves SEO
  • Guest Blogging: Creating guest posts on relevant blogs can enhance reputation
  • Online Directories: Claiming and optimizing business listings online improves SEO
  • Social Media: Creating and maintaining social media profiles enhances search optimization

In 2018, Google continues to improve. So much so, that even unlinked mentions of your brand are taken into account by the search engine. As algorithms have evolved, the crackdown on manipulation has increased. No longer can you build your off site SEO strategy with irrelevant backlinks and spammy guest posts. You must do it the right way. Call (800) 353-5758 for roofer off site SEO services.

Backlinks and Off Site SEO

Roofer Off Page SEO Meeting
Links From Authority Websites Enhance SEO

The prime component of your off site SEO strategy will be the establishment of quality backlinks. Search engines like Google use backlinks to determine the authority and credibility of websites like yours. A website with numerous high value backlinks will outperform a comparable website with less of those links. Backlinks that are deemed valuable, originate on web pages that posses:

  • Anchor Text: When the link text exactly matches the name of the destination page, it holds more value
  • Domain Authority: Links from websites with an established domain authority hold more value
  • Page Quality: The page on which the link originates should have well written content and clean design
  • Page Relevance: The link must make sense within the context of the page from which it originates

Keep in mind that there are three types of backlinks; natural, active, and manual. Natural links require zero effort on your part, as they happen organically based on the actions of websites without your knowledge. Active backlinks refer to links that are built through personal relationships and manual backlinks are links from citation sources and social profiles.

Roofing Webmasters Off Site SEO Services

Off Site SEO MeetingRoofing Webmasters offers off site SEO as part of our search engine optimization services. We believe that quality backlinks are built through consistent and ethical efforts. Our goal extends beyond the next week or month and we aim to provide your roofing company with a sustainable online asset that will last for decades.

If you are losing out to competitors on Google search results, you could be lacking in the off site SEO department. Even if you have a website that features keywords, meta descriptions, and visual appeal, your company can not reach its full online potential without a solid off page SEO strategy. For roofer off site SEO services, give us a call today at (800) 353-5758.