Local Keyword Ranking for Roofers (2020)

Roofing companies need local customers to make money and sustain business. That’s why every SEO strategy for roofers should be focused on a target audience within a defined service area. Ranking for local keywords can be very profitable at produce a worthwhile ROI. But how do roofers go about ranking for these kinds of local terms? It starts with keyword research. Finding long tail keywords that include a city within them and also have a relatively high search volume is the key. Contractors can use tools like:

  • MOZ
  • SEMRush
  • UberSuggest

The volume of a local keyword often depends on the size of the city. Contractors in small towns might not see any registered volume when searching for long tail keywords that have the town within them. Even in cases where no volume is registered, optimizing for the keyword is not a lost cause. Using MOZ’s Keyword Planner you can check the estimated organic click through rate for a given keyword. If it is high (>80%) the low volume should not deter your optimization efforts.

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Choosing Local Roofing Keywords

Google’s algorithm is more advanced than ever especially when matching nearby customers to the most relevant businesses. In many respects, roofers are at the mercy of their own location, zip code, etc. Trying to optimize for Houston when your offices are in Sugar Land is not going to work out great (in most cases). Roofers are better off optimizing for the city they are actually in than to try to get the largest nearby areas. There’s always the option of city pages to expand your radius but having your native city on your homepage makes it more legitimate for Google’s ranking priorities.

  1. 1. Make Sure Your Primary Keywords Associate With Your Primary City
  2. 2. Choose The Highest Opportunity Terms Using Various Keyword Tools

Most modern keyword tools showcase the difficulty of a given term. Low difficulty equates to high opportunity and is often a goldmine for roofers. Identifying an undeserved keyword is one of the best revelations a roofer can discover. Perhaps competitors in your area have overlooked certain niches within the roof repair field and have unknowingly left a great opportunity open to anyone willing to pursue it. Doing research is the best way to make informed decisions that will pay off in the long run for roofers. If your company has multiple offices you should create a new page for each.

Local Keyword Placement

Editor Reviews Local Keywords

Local keywords should be placed in all of the areas that a typical phrase would be. That includes the URL, H1, Title Tag, Meta Description, and Body Content. The same pitfalls should be avoided as well with the most common one being keyword stuffing. Stuffing local keywords can be even more egregious than head terms. Because they are normally longer, it becomes that much more obvious to Google that your website is displaying spam-like tenancies at the expense of user experience.

Every local page should reference the community it belongs to with specifics. When someone from your city is reading the page they should know that you as a roofer are very familiar with the area. We’ve all seen city pages where the titles and headers mention the city but the content on the page is mostly gibberish. Not only is this a turn off to the reader but it also prompts Google to flag your webpage as inferior. In the worst cases you can receive a manual action from Google.

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