Roofer Landing Page Optimization

Roofer Landing Page Optimization
A Good Landing Page has an Immediate Call to Action

Regardless of if your roofing campaign focuses on organic search engine optimization, paid advertising, or both, a well optimized landing page is necessary. Without an optimized landing page, the effectiveness of your roofing campaign is severely limited. Worse, your competitors will be poaching would be customers from your grasp. A well optimized roofer landing page consists of:

  • Calls to Action: A defined call to action, one that encourages visitors to contact your roofing company
  • Consistent Content: The page’s content should be consistent with the ad from which it is linked
  • Testimonials: A good landing page exhibits positive reviews to build trust with new customers
  • User Friendly: Landing pages must be easily navigable, as well as engaging

Spending big on a paid advertising campaign without optimizing the corresponding landing page is like flushing money down the drain. Too often, roofing companies invest all of their resources and energy into the ads, not understanding that they are only doing half of the job. Roofing Webmasters prevents such an occurrence with our full service campaign management, which tackles all aspects of customer acquisition. Call (800) 353-5758 for roofer landing page optimization services.

Mobile Optimized Landing Pages for Roofers

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We Measure Mobile Performance

In 2018, having a landing page optimized for mobile is imperative to lead generation. Most roofing customers will be accessing your page via mobile devices. For this reason, landing pages must present seamlessly on all mobile devices and brands. The components of a mobile optimized landing page include:

  • Immediate Engagement: Most users must be engaged within 2 seconds if you plan to acquire them as customers
  • Phone Number Links: Click to call functionality is important so users can connect from their phone to your office
  • Responsive Design: Your page should implement responsive design so that it adjusts to the devices on which it is accessed
  • Site Speed Optimization: Part of immediate engagement includes loading time, as users won’t wait around for your page to load

The secret to mobile landing pages is immediacy. As the internet evolves, the expectations of users continues to rise. This has created a dynamic in which the quality of your product is only as effective as your ability to present it in a digital format. You can have the best roofing company in your city, but it will not matter if you don’t properly optimize your landing page.

Will Roofing Webmasters Create My Landing Page?

Roofer Landing Page DevelopmentYes. Roofing Webmasters is a full service internet marketing company for roofers. We will design a brand new website, optimize it for organic search, and depending on your budget, run paid advertisements which lead to fully optimized landing pages. Furthermore, we optimize your website for mobile performance which includes landing pages.

If your roofing company website is failing to generate leads, either organically or through paid search, you have likely failed to optimize your landing page. Roofing Webmasters can solve all of your online marketing problems with one service. Stop relying on generic marketing companies for an industry specific task. Call Roofing Webmasters at (800) 353-5758 and ask about roofer landing page optimization.