Roofer Landing Page Optimization

Roofer Landing Page Development
Defined Calls To Action Help Convert User To Customer

Both SEO and PPC require a strong landing page to reach their full potential. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a landing page is the destination page reached by a user after clicking on either an organic search result or paid advertisement. Landing pages should be optimized because it serves as transformation hub in which a visitor is converted into a customer. A well optimized landing page for roofing companies, possesses the following elements:

  • Calls to Action: A defined call to action, one that encourages visitors to contact your roofing company
  • Consistent Content: The page’s content should be consistent with the ad from which it is linked
  • Testimonials: Exhibit positive reviews to build trust with new customers
  • User Friendly: Easily navigable, as well as engaging

Paying for advertising space on Google or elsewhere is a waste of money if the ad’s corresponding landing page is ineffective. Crafting an engaging advertisement that attracts clicks from relevant users is only half of a marketer’s job. The next half is landing page optimization, which ensures that those clicks arrive on a page that encourages them to become a customer, rather than exit the site completely. Call (800) 353-5758 for landing page optimization services for roofers.

Mobile Optimized Landing Pages for Roofers

Roofer Landing Page Optimization
Mobile Landing Pages Must Engage Users Immediately

Mobile web traffic accounts for the majority of digital minutes, and landing pages are not immune to this trend. Most users who click an advertisement, or an organic result, will be doing so via mobile web browser. With this knowledge, destination pages must present optimally on a mobile screen and be easily navigable along with a mobile-friendly call to action, such as a clickable phone number. Check out some ways to optimize a landing page for mobile, below:

  • Immediate Engagement: Most users must be engaged within 2 seconds to acquire them as customers
  • Phone Number Links: Click to call functionality is important so users can connect from their phone to your office
  • Responsive Design: Have the page adjust to the device on which it is accessed
  • Site Speed Optimization: Users won’t wait around for your page to load

It’s perfectly sensible that attention spans have grown shorter with the increased access to information, and the speed at which it can be produced. User’s expectations have changed and it is the job of the web developer to adjust their strategy to meet those expectations. That’s what Roofing Webmasters does with our mobile first website design. We use responsive design to display optimal presentations across all devices, but we focus on mobile screens first and foremost.

Other Types of Landing Pages

Analytics IpadA landing page can refer to any sort of destination page. The concept goes beyond both SEO and PPC results, and can include social media shares, social media advertisements, retargeted advertisements, and various other marketing channels. The common goal of each of these landing pages is to convert the visitor into a customer by encouraging them to complete a call to action, such as a phone call or email subscription. One thing to avoid is a black-hat SEO tactic known as cloaking, which sneakily redirects a user from a destination page, to an entirely different domain.

Cloaking was a manipulative tactic used for years to lure internet users with false advertisements, only to redirect them to an unrelated page. Google became privy to the tactic and began to crack down on it with each algorithm update. It’s now almost impossible to get away with. Roofing Webmasters is an ethical internet marketing company who refrains from usage of any type of black hat SEO. It’s for the best anyway, since attracting uninterested users serves no purpose to your bottom line. Call (800) 353-5758 for landing page optimization services for roofers.