Optimizing for Google

Google uses a very stringent and complex process when it comes to ranking your site. Therefore, creating a website that plays well with Google is imperative to rank well in their search results. Optimizing on Google for roofing companies is a complex process. But it is a process we have experience with and a success rate to back our work. If you need help optimizing your roofing site for Google, feel free to give us a call. We are passionate about helping local roofers optimize their sites for Google.


What does Google look for when ranking my site?

In all reality, no one can tell you exactly what Google looks for when determining the position of their search rankings. No one, except those at Google, know every single factor employed in Google’s algorithms (the pattern and ranking systems Google uses). In fact, Google looks at over 200 ranking factors. However, our team here at Roofing Webmasters has developed a knowledge of some of the key factors involved in optimizing a roofing site for Google.

On-Page Factors


  • Quality of the content
  • The amount of time users spend on the site due to engaging content
  • The frequency your site is updated with fresh content
  • Readability
  • Unique content

 HTML, Domain & Architecture

  • Proper use of titles, meta descriptions, headings and sub-headings
  • The use of structured data
  • A good text to HTML ratio
  • Up to date with current HTML standards
  • Nicely structured and free from keyword or code stuffing
  • Content/text displayed in HTML and not Flash or Javascript
  • Easy for the search bots to crawl
  • Meaningful but short URLs
  • Loads Quickly
  • Renders properly on mobile devices (responsive design)
  • Age of the domain and the length of registration
  • Unique design

These are a just a few of the factors Google looks at when determining if your site is relevant to the term being searched. All of these factors must work together and must all be tended to.  If you want your roofing website to be favorable in the eyes of Google, give the SEO pros at Roofing Webmasters a call! We are experienced and talented at optimizing on Google for roofing companies.