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An effective marketing strategy will rely on SEO

The marketing climate has changed substantially over the last two decades. Gone are the days where placing a newspaper ad was the most effective way to grow your roofing business. In the modern era, the most powerful roofer marketing strategy is search engine optimization (SEO). The majority of your potential customer acquisition will originate with a simple online Google search. Where your roofing company ranks on those search results will determine the rate in which you can grow your customer base.

The foundation of your SEO marketing strategy is great website design with structured data and schema. In addition, your website must contain quality content, strong link building, and steady blogging. After your website is optimized, your marketing strategy shifts its focus to online citations and reviews. Making sure that you are listed correctly on online directories will significantly affect your SEO. Similarly, your willingness to respond to negative reviews in a professional manner, will help you build a strong online reputation.

What is the Best Marketing Strategy for Roofing Companies?

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Roofing Webmasters implements tested SEO strategies

The best marketing strategy for roofing companies is roofer SEO. At Roofing Webmasters we follow SEO principles that help you build a sustainable online presence that can move you up the Google search rankings. The quality of your content combined with strong website design, will set the foundation for online success. The best roofer marketing strategy is following SEO principles to optimize your roofing company for organic searches. Users looking for a roofing company in your area can find you organically via Google search, as long as you have built your reputation using SEO fundamentals.

While SEO is the best long term marketing strategy for roofing companies, it does take time to implement and for Google to process. For roofing companies looking for immediate returns, PPC campaigns like Adwords and Bing Ads become short term options. Bidding on certain keywords will jet your website up to the top of the rankings for a period of time. While these rankings are technically displayed as an ad, most users will treat them like any other search result. It is an effective way to boost your customer base quickly. Still, PPC campaigns should not replace the long term strategy that builds sustainable success.

Marketing Strategies for Roofing Contractors

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Organic SEO is sustainable

The best way to rank well in Google searches is to follow the SEO principles discussed on this page. Aside from short term PPC campaigns, there are no shortcuts to success with Google search rankings. Trust can only be earned through consistency over time. Don’t fall for marketing pitches promising you instant organic search results. Invest in sustained online success.

If you are a roofing company looking for a new marketing strategy, you should consider Roofing Webmasters. We understand that roofing contractors don’t have the time to worry about the intricacies of online marketing. That’s why we offer services that can build your online presence and grow your customer base. To further discuss your roofer marketing strategy, give us a call at (800) 353-5758.