Roofer Geo-Targeting

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Targeting Specific Locations Improves Conversion Rate

Geo-targeting is a term used to describe content and / or advertising campaigns, customized for a specific geographical area. In search engine marketing, geo-targeting most frequently applies to PPC advertising campaigns. The technique allows advertisers to craft location-specific advertisements, which will produce a higher rate of conversions. With the emergence of location data, and the increase in mobile usage, a geo-specific promotional tool figures to be in high demand. Components of geo-targeting include:

  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Increase conversion rates, and spend marketing dollars more efficiently
  • Local Keywords: Target phrases like  “roofing contractor near me” or “roofing company in (city),(st)”
  • Market Inefficiencies: Identify market opportunities in a specific location

Location-based promotion can only span as far as a company’s service area. As roofing contractors, you wouldn’t want to advertise to people living in home’s you could not possibly service. Not only is it a waste of marketing dollars, but it leaves a poor impression of your company. Instead, your location-specific ads should target zip codes within your service area, or perhaps a little further out under special circumstances, like a recent hail storm or other severe weather incident. Call (800) 353-5758 for geo-targeting services for roofers.

Defining a Service Radius For Roofers

Design Team Embeds Location Data
A Clear Service Radius Prevents Potential Confusion 

Before launching a geo-campaign, defining a service radius is an important first step. As a roofing contractor, you’re probably familiar with the area you serve, and whether or not your have the resources to expand it. In either case, the most important thing is to define it. There’s plenty of digital mapping tools available, and setting a clear and convincing radius helps avoid customer confusion. Consider these factors when outlining a service radius:

  • Efficiency: Is this an area that can provide a ROI and makes financial sense for your company?
  • Opportunity: Is there a demand for roofing contractors in this area?
  • Practicality: Does your roofing company have the manpower to reach the entirety of this radius?

One critical error some roofers make is “over-promising.” We stress the importance of service radii to help contractors avoid a detrimental blow to their reputation. If your market to an area you cannot serve, or cannot serve effectively, you are putting your entire company under scrutiny. Reputations are formed quickly online, and can have a lingering affect. A simple audit of Google or Facebook reviews displays the hate-filled vitriol unleashed by distressed customers. Avoid being one of their targets by defining your radius today.

Do Roofing Companies Need Geo-Targeting?

Content Team Audits MappingTen, and even five, years ago, geo-targeting may have been optional. In today’s market, running a successful business without it is inconceivable. Since most consumers look for local roofing services on their mobile device, which track their current location, advertising directly to them, with a message that appeals to their sensibilities, is a recipe for success. Just remember, if you’re not doing it, one or more of your competitors is, and they are stealing your leads in the process. Geo-targeting is both a proactive and reactive methodology, and one you should invest in today.

Technology evolves quickly, and it’s hard to blame the local roofing contractor for being a little bit behind the times. Luckily, Roofing Webmasters is tailor made to help you out. We work specifically with contractors in the roofing industry and run PPC campaigns on their behalf. In addition, we offer SEO, content marketing, and website design. If you would like to learn more about geo-targeting, and how it can benefit your roofing company both now, and well into the future, call us today at (800) 353-5758.